The Future of Guest Technology is Already Here

At the beginning of 2021, ALICE and Zaplox co-hosted a webinar, Five Ways the Future of Guest Technology is Already Here. The webinar addressed the important topic of hotel guest technology and how to offer seamless and safe guest interactions, both during and post COVID-19. In many industries, digital transformation has already evolved and come a long way. We are now seeing consumers using their phones and devices for everything from grocery shopping, to banking, to booking air tickets, and everything in between. It is safe to say most industries rely on technology.  

In contrast, the hotel industry has been slow when it comes to adopting mobile technology. Manual and physical processes, such as standing in line for check-in and checkout, or handling physical key cards, have up until now been standard practice. Now, that safety, especially social distancing and contactless technology, are becoming top priorities for both guests and hoteliers, the use of technology is quickly winning ground.

Technology is now becoming crucial for any hotel, and customers have noticed many benefits. Hotel technology helps lean teams stay organized, saves time, and stay in constant communication. These benefits are because the hospitality industry now has reliable and seamless solutions, and integrations such as the ALICE and Zaplox integration. 


Allow for Safer Guest Interactions

When faced with challenges like a global pandemic, your team and your guests must be adaptable and flexible. The nature of guest interactions have had to change, however the guest interaction has not lost meaning. Zaplox offers an easy-to-use Guest-App that allows for each guest interaction to be safe. 

Zaplox’s Guest & Mobile Key App make it possible for guests to use their phones to handle all the different aspects of their hotel stay. In the app, guests can receive pre-arrival information, can access information about the hotel’s new health & safety protocols, and can even enable guests to check-in to the hotel straight from the app. 

Hotel staff are able to communicate directly with the guest and establish that personalized relationship. Learn if yours guests might need a crib in the room, or if it is the guest’s wedding anniversary… This direct communication that can happen pre-arrival makes a big difference when a guest arrives. Personalizing a guest’s stay is crucial for their journey, and is what turns a first time guest into a returner.

The contactless mobile guest solution results in a safer and more streamlined guest journey that avoids unnecessary waiting times and physical contact, thus adding value for both the guest and the hotel staff.


Save Costs and Personalize Each Guest’s Communication 

For the hotel’s operational side, ALICE offers an all-in-one operations and management platform. This hospitality technology can streamline and track all staff  and guest interactions. It efficiently manages departments and distributes tasks as well as provides valuable insights into all ongoing operational processes. It is crucial during these lean times that each member of your hotel is held accountable for each responsibility, especially as most employees are being asked to juggle more and more.

The ALICE platform allows your hotel to reduce labor costs, have more effective and documented preventative maintenance procedures, as well as improve guest communication– making it more personalized and effective.

Throughout the hotel stay, guests can use the mobile guest app to request services and communicate with the hotel staff. Everything from requesting room service to accessing activities and amenities can be done through the guest app. All hotel departments are able to see each activity and request, allowing the front desk more time to focus on specific guests. 

ALICE opens up the possibility for hoteliers to easily personalize and customize offers throughout the entire hotel stay. In the pre-arrival phase, offers with room upgrades can be communicated, whereas offers on airport transportation and special discounts on future bookings, can be communicated on the departure day.


One end-to-end hotel experience

Although there is great hope for travel to resume, and hotels to be once again thriving. The hotels’ occupancy level will not immediately resume to what it once was before the pandemic. It is therefore essential to focus on solutions that can help you no matter what your occupancy is, as well as help your team as if shifts and grows. Operations platforms such as ALICE and Zaplox ease each team member’s work load and eliminate the ‘busy work’ that used to be prioritized before personalizing a guest’s stay.

The convergence of the ALICE and Zaplox solutions results in one seamless, touchless solution that helps hoteliers to improve and personalize the guest experience with the ability to push new and necessary revenue streams and streamline the hotel’s staff operation. 

We are certain that travel will come back, but we also know that it won’t look the same. Adopting new technology can be the vital part that determines the survival and competitiveness of your hotel. Your hotel can now have reliable and seamless solutions, saving you money and time. 

Together, ALICE and Zaplox offer guests and hoteliers one end-to-end seamless hotel experience.

Interested in learning more about contactless guest technology and the ALICE & Zaplox integration? Watch the full on-demand webinar hosted by Madelyn DePrey, VP of Account Management at ALICE, and Lindsay Wenger, VP of Sales, North America at Zaplox, today!

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