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HITEC 2024 Highlights: Actabl’s Latest Innovations

You could feel the energy at HITEC 2024 as the event swirled with new innovations and game-changing solutions for hoteliers. If you missed the event or want a summary of Actabl’s latest advancements released during the show, here’s a recap of the remarkable showcase, which addressed the industry’s most pressing needs, from operational efficiency to guest experiences to revenue optimization.

Operational Efficiency

This year's innovations include solutions that arm hoteliers to overcome challenges in operational efficiency. Managing housekeeping tasks, scheduling staff, and ensuring seamless communication are major pain points that can significantly impact a hotel’s performance and guest satisfaction. Actabl’s latest innovations aim to address these challenges head-on, providing updates that streamline operations and enhance productivity.

Housekeeping Refresh

Inside Alice by Actabl, we’ve released a Housekeeping Refresh to achieve further adaptability for housekeeping teams and their dynamic operations. By enhancing visibility into tasks and guest preferences, Alice is equipping teams to manage each board efficiently every day with features including:

  • Automated board building and rules based prioritization with Auto Pilot 2.0.
  • Credit variables and nullification expand credit rules.
  • Room attendant daily summaries and supervisor overviews.
  • Automated ticket creation based on guest preferences.


Scheduler Department, Day & Location Views

Within Hotel Effectiveness by Actabl, we’ve continued to improve our labor management solution in Q2 and Q3 2024 by introducing new view updates to Scheduler. These enhancements allow for more flexible scheduling for managers across properties by adding customized locations, hour-by-hour coverage, and views of groups of positions within the department structure.

Revenue Optimization

Without question another major theme at HITEC was revenue optimization, a critical focus for hoteliers aiming to maximize profitability. This year’s innovations include tools that automate administrative processes, integrate financial management systems, and enhance communication and task management. We showcased our latest advancements in this area, highlighting an innovation designed to enhance financial management and decision-making processes. These innovations are set to revolutionize how hoteliers approach budgeting and forecasting, ensuring they can capture maximum revenue from every segment.

Next Level Budget and Forecasting

ProfitSword by Actabl is introducing updates in its budgeting and forecasting module. The latest enhancements include:

  • Optimized architecture for speed and performance to match the pace of growing data.
  • Improved user experience and filtering controls for less time investigating, and more time acting on insight.
  • Upcoming daily drivers for greater financial precision.

Bridging Technologies

At HITEC 2024, we reaffirmed our commitment to building the most robust integration ecosystem in hospitality. These advancements are designed to enhance collaboration and streamline operations across various platforms, ensuring seamless connectivity and improved efficiency for hoteliers.

Expanding Integration Ecosystem

Since HITEC 2023, we’ve added more than 30 new integrations, including Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP) and Avalara. Currently, Actabl products boast more than 300 integrations with leading hospitality, financial, labor, and operations solutions.

Alice + Hotel Effectiveness Clean Sync

We are continuing to enhance collaboration among our platforms to maximize overall effectiveness. In a new integration, Alice has joined forces with Hotel Effectiveness by Actabl, which provides intelligent tools for reducing labor costs and maximizing productivity in operations with minimal staffing, to jointly launch Clean Sync. This integration enables hotels using Alice’s robust housekeeping module to seamlessly access Room Attendant Productivity reporting through Hotel Effectiveness. Clean Sync automates the synchronization of room clean counts by type, eliminating manual data entry and enhancing data integrity. This reduces the need for manual entry of room attendant work KPIs and provides scheduling capabilities that facilitate monitoring of actual and scheduled labor as well as Cost per Occupied Room (CPOR).

This integration is the latest step in building hospitality’s most comprehensive platform solution alongside integrations between Alice & Transcendent and ProfitSword & Hotel Effectiveness.

Looking Ahead: More Innovations on the Horizon

Transcendent’s Associate Engagement (Preview) as mentioned in HITEC Charlotte 2024 Innovation Report: Currently in pilot, an innovative module designed to gamify performance and standards compliance while recognizing top performers in the hotel and in the portfolio.

Alice’s Chatbot (Preview - Recruiting Beta customers): AI automation to take care of the high-volume/low-value questions through SMS.

HITEC 2024 was an exciting showcase of the latest in hotel technology, and we were thrilled to be at the forefront of these innovations. From boosting operational efficiency and optimizing revenue management to creating seamless integrations, our new updates are designed to meet the evolving needs of hoteliers. These advancements not only streamline processes but also enhance guest experiences, ensuring your hotel operates at its best.

If you couldn’t make it to the event or want to see these amazing solutions in action, we’d love to show you more! Schedule a demo and discover how Actabl’s integrated platform can transform your hotel operations and maximize results.

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