How Long Does it Take to Implement Hotel Software?

By Catherine Montesdeoca, Manager of Customer Success Enablement, ALICE 

As a former hotelier, I’ve had the opportunity to work in the hotel industry in multiple countries, all with vastly different cultures. Efficiency, diligence, and adaptability are three of the most important traits to have in order to produce exceptional guest service.

In my career, I have worked with several different online booking engines and have experienced multiple hotel software implementations. It is clear that I wish I had received the same personalized treatment that ALICE’s Customer Success team provides.

Over time, we are witnessing that hotel technology is no longer a nice-to-have. It is becoming an increasingly indispensable tool needed to meet business demands. ALICE not only helps hotels meet business demands and guest requests, but it also contributes to enhancing a hotel’s internal experience as a hotel employee. 

If you are thinking of purchasing hotel software that focuses on optimizing hotel operations and guest satisfaction, I can say this from experience: Pick ALICE!

There are a few things to consider when purchasing hotel software:


Deciding Whether To Implement ALICE’s software

When you think of buying hotel software, analyze your current operation to really understand what you are trying to resolve. Time is precious, so walk into a meeting with clear goals and the right team. 

Coming from someone who has been on all sides of hotel technology (from the front desk attendant to manager of customer success at ALICE), having clear goals makes your conversations with vendors much more productive. If you need direction, here are the top questions which will help even the most indecisive buyer.

While vetting product features is important, make sure you are thinking about the implementation process. My #1 recommendation is to make sure you have a team of hotel employees who can invest their time preparing for the implementation and learning ALICE. In other words, choose your ALICE Champion


What is an ALICE Champion?

An ALICE champion is a hotel employee who is dedicated to the on-property success of ALICE. They know the ins and outs of ALICE, in the context of their hotel. But most importantly they are an on-property resource for employees to go to for help with ALICE best practices and quick fixes.

Having a team of champions facilitate and lead projects makes a huge difference. This can ensure buy-in from the rest of the team. The solution used is only going to be as good as the team’s commitment. 

Let’s consider you have now decided that ALICE is the perfect tool for you. You have signed the contract and you have anointed your ALICE Champions. 

Say hello to our Customer Success team…


Implementing Your Hotel Software

The beauty of ALICE is that it is a user-friendly platform with an easy implementation process. 

In fact, ALICE can be fully integrated in three easy steps:

  • The initial kickoff call – At ALICE, we understand that this is just the beginning of–what we hope to be–a long-term relationship. This is the moment to align on goals and the implementation process (training schedule, timeline, intake forms, etc.)
  • Intake forms – This is a crucial step to ensure the success of the software. This is where you input information to indicate what the ALICE setup should look like to suit you. As soon as we have this information, we can start personalizing your property!
  • Training – Through this very exciting step, we assign a dedicated Customer Success Specialist to help you and the team learn ALICE. This optimizes usage and employee productivity. Unless you choose to use our user-friendly self-learning tools. 

In some cases, the entire process (from contract signature to going live) can happen in as little as two weeks! Actual training schedules average 2-3 business days if multiple products are purchased however, it can be done in as quickly as half a day! 

Keep in mind the following scenarios can influence the duration of ALICE implementations:

  • The amount of products purchased. Depending on what ALICE products you’re implementing may increase the length of training schedules
  • The amount of time it takes to complete intake forms can impact an implementation timeline. These forms are essential for us to get your information. These forms are important for us to enhance your training experience. Being able to offer personalized cases and scenarios throughout training boosts your staff’s engagement in learning the product. 
  • The size of your team. A great management solution is to add multiple training sessions in order for all of your staff to be able to attend.
  • Integration is a factor to take into consideration, especially because it normally entails working with another vendor, which can heavily affect the timeline.
  • The size of your portfolio. Group rollouts differ from individual hotel implementations. 

The ALICE Customer Success Team In Action 

ALICE Customer Success is made of former hoteliers, which puts us in an advantageous position. The key here is you spend less time explaining hotel operations to us because we have personally experienced the hospitality industry. Our team is, quite honestly, made up of some of the best customer service professionals I have ever met.

Due to the current global pandemic, we have shifted to online training. This means we have successfully been able to launch ALICE with customers over conference calls. It has been a relief to see that this has not had a negative impact on our customer service. In fact, online training has had the opposite effect. 

Technology has granted us the opportunity to easily provide recorded resources for training. Ultimately, online training has made ALICE implementation a cost-effective option for our customers.

Launching ALICE represents an opportunity to build closer relationships with your staff members and better your guest experience. ALICE is here in real time to support you and your hotel operation in success. 

Putting a hotel management software like ALICE is a key component to making sure your hotel operates at peak efficiency, keeps team members happy and keeps everyone safe. Schedule a demo today to learn more about how ALICE can help your hotel!

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