Hotel Technology Trends You Need To Know [INFOGRAPHIC]

A look at how the hotel industry is evolving, with an eye towards advancements in technology and possible future innovations.

Technology can move at a very swift pace and trends can come and go, but within certain industries, technology can have a greater impact than others. Take the hotel industry for example. With the rise of online bookings in the past number of years, the technology surrounding this is completely different to how hotels would have operated previously.

Current trends in the industry include adding a review plugin to a hotel website to ensure that new guests can get unbiased feedback on previous guests’ hotel stays.


Another trend that has arisen is in social media where Facebook is used as the dominant channel with 81% of hotels having it in place. Yet, only 1 in 3 have YouTube in place even when video is forecast to account for 80% of global internet traffic in the next three years.

Have a look at this infographic produced by Killarney Hotels in Ireland, for a snapshot of the latest trends to impact the hotel industry at large. 



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