How to Elevate Your Hotel’s Guest Service with Technology

Today’s hotel guests expect digital convenience in their everyday lives, whether it’s getting GPS directions from their watch or turning on the TV with their voice. More and more, this preference for a technology-driven experience extends to their stay on property. For some hoteliers, the expectation of on-demand technology adds a layer of anxiety. Here at ALICE, we believe that technology – if applied correctly – can seamlessly elevate your hotel’s guest service and allow your team to reduce busywork.

Ensuring guests have a perfect stay is a big ask of any of your team members. But what if the guest relationship begins in an automated and completely contactless way? An operations platform enables your guest’s experience to start before even stepping foot onto your property – elevating your concierge role to new heights. The right hotel software not only ensures safe and personalized communication with guests but will also help your staff streamline and optimize daily operations.

So what exactly does a hotel operations platform like ALICE do, and how does it improve guest services in a hotel?  

Better understand your hotel guests’ habits to deliver personalized service

There are many important aspects of the ALICE platform that make it stand out, however, nothing quite compares to the data it puts together for you. The art of superior guest service lies in understanding your guests. As your team builds up its database, you will begin to develop better insights into your guests’ preferences and habits, improving the quality and personalization of your recommendations.

You might learn, for example, that 80% of your guests are going to the same 10 restaurants. Perhaps this might influence your on-property menu items, or maybe it could lead to a partnership opportunity? More importantly, if you learn that a specific guest is consistently going to the same restaurant, you might want to make a dining reservation on her behalf the next time she checks in to your hotel.

Further, hotel operations platform ALICE provides a user-friendly way to add notes and accurate tagging, making it easier to look up relevant suggestions based on your guest’s needs. Every time you add a restaurant, your guest services staff will have the option to add relevant tags (#brunchspot), notes (Contact Jim for VIP service), and personal reviews (Good cocktail menu), which can be viewed by other staff as they refer guests to the restaurant.

With ALICE, hotel guest engagements come across more personal pre-, during- and post-stay, heightening guest satisfaction to lead to increased brand loyalty and revenue.

Automate the busy work on a consolidated hotel operations platform 

From hoteliers in search of an operations software, we often hear some version of the same story: “Every morning, when I get to work, I have to open 7 browser windows on my computer: personal email, work email, housekeeping system, concierge system, Google, PMS, and my calendar.” How is your team expected to create those magical guest experiences when the simple act of making a reservation involves looking up a restaurant, calling to book a table, updating the PMS, emailing the next shift, and making any adjustments manually, depending on the guest’s availability? 

When you have an operations platform like ALICE, all of the information is updated in real time and in a single database, which is accessible to all of your hotel departments. In this case, guests reap the efficiencies of technologies – from your hotel operations being streamlined and automated.

Once the daily operations in your hotel are streamlined, your staff have more time to focus on the guests themselves. Whether it is completing a request faster or completing tasks before guests even request anything. Now, with the right technology, your concierge can spend less time on the mundane tasks required in making a reservation and instead, more time planning a fantastic post-dinner evening of dancing and drinks. These small details can make a huge difference for not only your team but your guests! 

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