The Evolution of ALICE Housekeeping Design

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Hotel teams are diverse, often with staff from many countries who speak different languages and have varying familiarity with technology. Hoteliers need simple, streamlined task management technology for their housekeeping teams. But what does software for housekeeping teams look like?

Check out the evolution of ALICE Housekeeping User Experience Design from in-depth research to iconography & mobile iterations to the launch of today's #1 Housekeeping Software on HotelTechReport.

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Getting Started: In-depth User Research

When our front of house Guest Services customers voiced the need for housekeeping software, our product design team stepped up to the challenge. We started with a strategic and comprehensive study. A member of our design team traveled across the U.S., Latin America, and Europe to conduct a study in which she interviewed 100 housekeeping team members working at 40 different hotels.

Hear what we learned and how it informed the user experience design in this blog on The Challenge: Design Operations Software for Hotel Housekeeping Teams.

The Importance of Icons & Mobile UX

Visual communication can be brought to life through simple iconography. So the ALICE product design team went to the drawing board to apply icons to typical housekeeping tasks. Room attendants need to be able to easily understand this status before entering the room to be cleaned.

While iconography helps streamline communication, the user experience must also be optimized to allow even users with low proficiency on smartphones to efficiently navigate and utilize the software. For example, changing the status of a room and confirming it was designed to be interacted with by holding the device with just one hand (since the other may be busy with cleaning tasks).

From Launch to #1 in 3 Years

In 2019, ALICE Housekeeping launched in hotels around the world. Post-launch we continued to gather feedback: what they thought could be changed and what they thought should be added. Every year brought new features fueled by customer needs - and every year these innovations resulted in awards.

Learn more about this journey in our blog on The Outcome: From Launch to #1 Hotel Housekeeping Software in 3 Years.


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