The Outcome: From Launch to #1 Hotel Housekeeping Software in 3 Years

(continued from The Challenge blog post, as depicted in ALICE Housekeeping Design Infographic)

Fueled by customer requests and an extensive design study, ALICE Housekeeping was ready for launch. Over 100 housekeeping team members across 40 hotels participated in both in-person interviews and focus groups to inform the user experience – and now it was ready for primetime. 

  • 2019: Launch of ALICE Housekeeping

ALICE Housekeeping launched in hotels around the world. Post-launch we continued to gather feedback: what they thought could be changed and what they thought should be added. 

This initial post-launch feedback produced multiple new feature ideas, but one immediately took priority above the rest. Housekeeping teams needed a way to create tickets via mobile. We learned how important our ticket system, and more specifically the ability to add photos, was to communicate issues found when servicing rooms. As the saying goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. A single photo added to a room within the ALICE Housekeeping software was the most efficient way to communicate issues versus trying to describe it in written text – especially when many housekeepers don’t fluently speak the native language. Our design team enabled this feature to allow room attendants to add photos to tickets.

  • 2020: IxDA Interaction Awards Winner, #3 in HotelTechAwards

HotelTechReport published a ranking of best housekeeping software – and ALICE Housekeeping made its debut ranking at #3. These rankings are determined based on verified client feedback on a variety of factors like usability, customer support, likelihood to recommend, partner network strength, and integration compatibility. 

ALICE Housekeeping was also a winner of the 2020 IxDA Interaction Awards. ALICE was named Best in Category for “Connecting, Optimizing” and won the “People’s Choice Award”. Product design. The annual awards are given to products that address IxDA’s commitment to improving the human condition by advancing the discipline of Interaction Design.

  • 2021: Movin’ on up to #2 in HotelTechAwards

A rise in the rankings! In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, customer reviews on HotelTechReport improved ALICE Housekeeping’s ranking to the #2 Housekeeping Software. Enhanced features rolled out to better optimize the room attendant’s experience including room type on mobile, reservation comments and guests preferences, and the ability to service turndown.

  • 2022: Best Hotel Housekeeping Software in HotelTechAwards

We never stop gathering feedback and are always listening to our customer’s comments and recommendations. ALICE Housekeeping is continuously improving to better serve our hoteliers and, ultimately, their guests. In January 2022, HotelTechReport released the most recent HotelTechAwards. ALICE users submitted over 517 reviews on HotelTechReport to rank: ALICE Housekeeping is #1 – Best Hotel Housekeeping Software.

ALICE is a great tool to communicate and track issues. Housekeeping boards are easier to set up than any other system. The auto-pilot feature is an amazing device to assist the housekeeper with where they need to go next and what rooms need to be cleaned. The alert system for rushed rooms is also a great feature.

– Anonymous Hotelier

New Features Demonstrate Continuous Design Innovation

  • Turndown: For luxury property Housekeeping Managers, Turndown with ALICE gives them the ability to quickly generate turndown tasks and create an evening shift board to assign work to Room Attendants and track their progress throughout the night.
  • Mobile Rooms Reorder: Mobile Rooms Reorder is a game-changer for lean hotel teams who strive to deliver seamless service amongst the typical chaotic scheduling and reprioritization of room cleanings.
  • Connecting Rooms: With ALICE’s Connecting Rooms feature, housekeeping staff can easily manage and visualize all of the connected and connectable rooms or virtual suites across the property with simple icons.
  • Extra Room Items: The ALICE Housekeeping solution introduced an Extra Room Items feature that gives your housekeeping team the capability to digitally track and manage extra room items.
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