Winner: 2023 Best Labor Management Software

Wow – we are blown away! For the 5th consecutive year, PerfectLabor™ has won the Best Scheduling & Labor Management Software in the HotelTechAwards. Thanks to our customers for your reviews in support of this ranking.

HotelTechAwards are produced by Hotel Tech Report, the leading authority on hotel software and digital transformation in the hotel industry. The HotelTechAwards rank the world’s best hotel software companies and products based on authentic, timely reviews from real users. 

And that’s not all – Actabl combined for a total of 8 HotelTechAwards including:

  • Best Scheduling & Labor Management Software for Hotel Effectiveness – Score 100/100
  • Best Concierge Software for ALICE Guest Services – Score 100/100
  • Finalist Housekeeping Software for ALICE – Score 99/100 (2nd place)
  • Finalist Business Intelligence Software for ProfitSword – Score 97/100 (2nd place)
  • Finalist Maintenance Software for ALICE – Score 96/100 (2nd place)
  • Finalist Staff Collaboration Tools for ALICE Service Delivery – Score 96/100 (2nd place)
  • Finalist Guest Messaging Software for ALICE – Score 98/100 (3rd place)
  • #4 People’s Choice for ALICE – total number of 572 customer reviews

Discover how you can maximize profits by minimizing labor costs and optimizing operations.

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