ProfitSword Partnership With Event Temple Offers Full Real-Time Insight into Hotel Group Sales, Event and Catering Performance

ORLANDO, Fla. – (October 20, 2020) – ProfitSword, a premier developer of hospitality business intelligence software, has announced a strategic partnership with Event Temple, a leading provider of hotel and venue sales and catering software, to provide hoteliers with seamless and complete visibility over group, catering and event sales performance activity. Through the integration of Event Temple’s hotel and venue management platforms with ProfitSword’s suite of business intelligence solutions, hospitality professionals can obtain an in-depth, accurate analysis of current sales efforts to optimize revenue performance across an entire organization, or quickly re-evaluate and change sales strategies in fluctuating market conditions.

Designed to streamline the availability of data from a single accurate source, the ProfitSword and Event Temple integration automatically combines  valuable group and event related performance metrics and KPI’s in real-time within the ProfitSword user interface with operational and financial results for instant and hassle-free access whenever needed. Able to compile and organize data by department, property, group of properties or for a portfolio as a whole, the Event Temple integration with ProfitSword’s dashboard allows a company to quickly disseminate actionable data across the entire organization to improve forecasting and budgeting accuracy, fiscal accountability, communication, and overall performance.

“Hospitality businesses generate an enormous amount of sales data on a daily basis that can prove essential in understanding how operations are faring in terms of profitability and efficiency. Both Event Temple and ProfitSword share the goal of ensuring that hoteliers have effortless access to such metrics in order to maintain a successful business,” said Bob Graham, CEO at Event Temple. “With hotels more than ever seeking to locate opportunities to generate much needed revenue, we are proud to partner with ProfitSword in providing a solution that can help a company identify areas where group-based sales can be improved and that can demonstrate how efforts need to be revised based on sudden fluctuations in the marketplace.”

Via the integration of Event Temple with ProfitSword’s hotel forecasting and budgeting software, ProfitSage, hoteliers can project and analyze upcoming performance for an array of group-based activities including weddings, conferences and business meetings without requiring countless hours of compiling and verifying the accuracy of information. Also offering the ability to integrate with ProfitSword’s ProfitPace tool, hotels can further analyze group and event sales revenue on a year-over-year basis to identify any shifts in traditional performance norms and monitor the sales productivity of individual employees and sales teams, ensuring that sales targets are being consistently met while providing the opportunity to implement additional training for staff members requiring further guidance. Using ProfitSword’s automated reporting abilities, hospitality professionals can also always remain up-to-date on their entire company’s sales performance results.

“With hotels experiencing a significant reduction in labor force size, it is increasingly difficult to dedicate the resources necessary to analyze performance analytics that are nonetheless critical to strengthening revenue-earning capabilities while locating potential alternate sources such as with group-based sales,” said John Crutchfield, Chief Operating Officer at ProfitSword. “Our collaboration provides tools and data automations to the industry to help sales teams overcome  this challenge by removing time-consuming and potentially error prone manual data collection processes and improving their visibility into actionable data, and we are honored to work with Event Temple in ensuring that hoteliers can stay fully informed over the effectiveness of their group sales strategies.”

About ProfitSword, LLC

Founded in 2001, ProfitSword is an innovator in business intelligence software and applications. ProfitSword solutions aim to provide seamless integration of data and real-time information to enhance decision-making processes and improve profitability. ProfitSword is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, and serves more than 100 corporations and ownership groups representing nearly 4,000 businesses worldwide.

About Event Temple

Event Temple is a modern, cloud-based Hotel and Venue Sales and Catering software company that provides the industry with an easy to use, integrated solution at an affordable price. Our scalable enterprise software is ideal for hotels with no meeting spaces looking to grow their RevPAR, all the way to entire hotel chains. Event Temple helps drive revenue growth while boosting efficiency and productivity by providing properties with a suite of sales tools including prospecting and lead management, e-proposals and contracts, event management and more, all in a sleek, intuitive platform. Event Temple is the industry’s fastest growing Hotel Sales and Catering CRM built specifically for hotels, with thousands of users in over 21 countries.

For more information about Event Temple’s Hotel Management Software, visit or contact Samantha Fabbro at

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