OTH Hotels Resorts Partners With ProfitSword for Robust Business Intelligence and Performance Forecasting Capabilities

Williamsburg, VA. – (March 8, 2022) – ProfitSword, a premier hospitality business intelligence and data integration platform, is pleased to announce a new partnership with  OTH Hotels Resorts. A hotel management company experiencing rapid growth with a portfolio consisting of high-end properties throughout the US East Coast, OTH Hotels Resorts is set to leverage ProfitSword’s technology at each of its locations to improve visibility into their data, support real-time, data-driven decision-making, help their employees be experts at their trade, and maximize their top and bottom-line performance.

Founded in late 2019, OTH Hotels Resorts’ swift expansion led company leadership to recognize a need for a business intelligence solution that could easily provide a comprehensive real-time analysis of current and projected business performance at each of its locations and for the organization as a whole. With several leadership representatives having previously experienced the unique and far-reaching advantages of ProfitSword’s solutions, OTH Hotels Resorts found that no competing platform could deliver the real-time performance data accuracy and customizable reporting abilities required to ensure sustainable business growth.

“Successful business strategies are built on a foundation of data insights that point to opportunities or risks to increasing revenue and operational efficiencies, and ProfitSword by far offers the most robust capabilities in this field,” said Joshua Goforth, Financial Analyst at OTH Hotels Resorts. “The company’s platform not only easily integrates with virtually any performance-generating system in order to create a single source of information, but its intuitive dashboard and customizable reporting capabilities also ensure that our teams can always instantly find the precise real-time analytics they need to make the best possible decisions resulting in higher profitability, guest satisfaction and a more adaptive business environment.”

By automatically integrating with the range of systems utilized across OTH Hotels Resorts’ portfolio, ProfitSword helps to normalize disparate data into a single database for valuable analytics, dashboarding, and planning. This includes combining financial data from accounting, PMS, POS, procurement, and labor systems with benchmarking data from STR, transient and group data from sales systems and much more. As a result, the hotel management company is able to equip employees with easy-to-use web-based tools and custom-tailored reports consisting of analytics relevant to their areas of responsibility for swift decision-making capabilities.  ProfitSword works with each partner to ensure their data is complete and accurate, and that they have the management tools and reports to meet their business needs.

“As the Hospitality industry recovers and evolves, hoteliers are relying on technology to automate data collection and standardization perform meaningful analytics, and gain real-time insights to adjust to change and preserve business health and growth,” said Paul Bennie, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ProfitSword. “Companies with a data-driven culture are proven to be more successful and we are honored that OTH Hotels Resorts recognizes the industry-leading value that our technology and services provide to the industry. By reducing or even eliminating time-consuming manual processes while improving the quantity, accuracy, and availability of quality information, hoteliers can operate more efficiently even at reduced staffing levels. We look forward to helping OTH Hotels Resorts expand its portfolio and sustain a healthy business.”

About ProfitSword, LLC

Founded in 2001, ProfitSword’s mission is to provide exceptional business intelligence tools to the business community, specializing in data collection and integration, data analytics, operational functionality and reporting at all levels of the organization. The ProfitSword Suite is now in use by more than 30,000 users across 3,000+ business units. ProfitSword’s award-winning SaaS solutions provide the end user with applications for consolidated, real-time reporting and data management. ProfitSword uses various available methods of gathering data from disparate sources to create a powerful data warehouse. The suite of applications is accessible to all levels of users throughout the organization.

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