Montage Los Cabos Enjoys Increasingly-Positive Guest Reviews with ALICE

Montage Los Cabos has chosen ALICE as their primary platform to implement a guest concierge system and streamline staff and resort communications. ALICE is the hospitality industry’s leading operations technology, connecting every department of the hotel with one platform for all staff communication and guest requests.

With spectacular views and immediate, walk-in access to the finest swimming, diving and snorkeling in the region, Montage Los Cabos features 122 spacious guest rooms, suites and casas, along with 52 Montage Residences. Since May 2018, ALICE has helped Montage Los Cabos see an improved communication flow across this expansive resort, directly impacting its guest reviews in a very positive way.

Before ALICE – when the property had just opened – staff at Montage Los Cabos participated in a variety of different training sessions, before many service options and standards had been set. ALICE has since helped align staff with its resort-wide database for easy reference and information flow.

In addition, Guest Services now has much more knowledge about guests both prior to arrival as well as during their stay, which allows staff to create better Montage memories and deliver top-tier guest service 100% of the time. “It’s surprising how user-friendly ALICE is, and the reach that it has,” notes Alessandro Balestra, Director of Communication. “It also allows us to communicate with our neighbor Maravilla (a private community next to Montage Los Cabos) and this is a great advantage for the both of us.”

Staff at Montage Los Cabos have embraced ALICE and enjoy having an easily-accessible, trustworthy tool at their disposal. It has enhanced the communication between staff members because of its ease of use and focus on guest satisfaction. Staff also appreciate how the ALICE team has worked closely with Montage Los Cabos to ensure the platform is expertly tailored to property needs. Alessandro comments, “Response time from the ALICE Support team is one of the best; the friendliness and commitment of the ALICE staff is beyond excellent. They really do understand what we need and offer the best support to our team.”

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