Hulsing Enterprises, LLC Partners with ProfitSword to Maximize Data Management, Business Intelligence and Strategic Planning Abilities

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. (June 23, 2020) – ProfitSword, hospitality’s premier developer of business intelligence and data integration software, has been selected by Hulsing Enterprises, LLC to implement ProfitSage, the industry’s leading performance data management, operational and financial reporting solution. A widely renowned hospitality and medical facility management company that oversees an array of major hotel brand locations across the US, Hulsing Enterprises can now leverage ProfitSage at each of its hotel properties to provide employees with real-time and granular insight into business performance. ProfitSage’s fully customizable reporting abilities further ensure that staff members are able to instantly identify potential opportunities and risks in order to maximize efficiency, revenues and overall business success.

As part of a single database solution that can seamlessly integrate with a hotel’s disparate performance data generating systems, ProfitSage serves as a robust business environment reporting tool that can provide accurate and instant insight into the performance of specific departments, properties, regions or an organization as a whole. This is achieved using ProfitSage’s ability to automatically compile and segment data according to individual user needs. Hulsing employees can further leverage ProfiSage’s customizable and pre-scheduled reporting functionality to receive regular updates on a range of metrics that can include financial performance, guest service scores and STR data. With its ability to integrate and share information from Hulsing Enterprises’ payroll provider, ProfitSage can further instantly provide real-time insight on labor statistics, allowing company leadership to ensure sufficient staff coverage while eliminating unnecessary overstaffing expenses.

“Partnering with ProfitSword was a straightforward decision to make in that we now can fully trust the accuracy of the data we analyze when attempting to make informed business decisions such as forecasting and budgeting efforts,” says Matthew Maner, Accounting Manager at Hulsing Enterprises, LLC. “Since the implementation of ProfitSage at each of our hotel locations, our employees are able to save significant time otherwise spent in the manual compiling and sharing of data, and can instead instantly proceed to identifying strategies that ensure optimal business efficiency and financial success. Technological innovation aside, ProfitSword has also stood apart with its commitment to providing exceptional customer service. From initial project planning stages to implementation and post-installation, ProfitSword’s expert technicians go above and beyond to ensure that any need, concern or issue is swiftly identified and addressed in order to maximize the results provided by ProfitSage.”

ProfitSage’s reporting abilities and the ProfitSword dashboard also provide Hulsing Enterprises staff with the ability to make updates and share any notes in real-time with other members throughout the company. This functionality consistently ensures full transparency and the opportunity for all employees across an organization to stay informed on the latest business decisions and strategies.

“Regardless of location or market type, today’s businesses operate in fast-paced environments where sudden changes can have a tremendous impact on the ability to maintain or enhance revenues and efficiency,” says Paul Bennie, director of business development at ProfitSword. “Real time visibility into financial and operational performance can prove critical in maximizing opportunities or mitigating threats to a business. There is tremendous value to a business when actionable data is readily available, and we are proud to provide Hulsing Enterprises with the means to direct the performance of their business and fully trust the data that they are analyzing to enhancing their bottom line.”

About ProfitSword, LLC Founded in 2001, ProfitSword is an innovator in hotel business intelligence solutions and applications. ProfitSword solutions provide seamless integration of data and real-time information to enhance decision-making processes and improve profitability. ProfitSword is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, and serves more than 100 corporations and ownership groups representing nearly 4,000 businesses worldwide.

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