Hotel Effectiveness launches 2022 Labor Perfection Toolkit

Hotel Effectiveness has released the 2022 Labor Perfection Toolkit, including its first-ever budget calculator.

The toolkit was built to help hoteliers develop and validate 2022 budgets. The 2022 Labor Perfection Toolkit includes a labor success plan with insights from industry operations leaders, access to custom local performance benchmark reports and the flagship labor budget calculator.

The Labor Perfection Toolkit provides guidance and tools for managers to calculate labor budgets, identify efficiency opportunities and improve staff utilization to reduce overall expenses by as much as 15 percent. The free toolkit also includes select access to Hotel Effectiveness’ proprietary industry benchmarks for productivity and wages, developed by comparing actual performance of more than 5,000 U.S. hotels.
“The past two years have changed the game for hotel operators. The only thing predictable for 2022 budgeting is uncertain, volatile demand,” said Del Ross, chief revenue officer, Hotel Effectiveness. “The goal of our Hotel Effectiveness 2022 Labor Perfection Toolkit is to help hoteliers produce reliable staffing plans and budgets that eliminate waste and ensure 100 percent perfect labor costs.”

The toolkit contains:

  • The four keys to a Labor Success plan. Hoteliers will learn zero-based budgeting, dynamic labor planning, utilizing benchmarks to help manage GOP, and smart, cost-effective tips to maximize retention and minimize turnover.
  • Full visibility into labor hours and potential costs in 2022 based on an exclusive, benchmark-based labor budget calculator.
  • Custom brand and market benchmark reports that offer hoteliers a way to compare hotel staffing and productivity levels with similar hotels. The reports provide tips and suggestions to mitigate lost margins and reward over-performing teams.

The Hotel Effectiveness technology team incorporated data from hotel operations, combined with feedback from surveys and 1-on-1 conversations with customers. 

“We’re bringing our 13 years of labor-management data expertise to design technology tools to immediately address today’s hotel operations pain points with the 2022 Labor Perfection Toolkit,” Ross said.


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