Grupo Posadas Partners with ALICE to Standardize Operations Across Their Portfolio of 147 Properties

The ALICE platform will allow Posadas to increase accountability and operational efficiency for all hotels across the eight Posadas brands via a unified and shared technology platform

New York, NY — Leading hospitality operations platform ALICE has been selected by Grupo Posadas S.A.B. de C.V., the largest hotel operator in Mexico, to power operations for their portfolio of 147 properties. Uniting all eight of Grupo Posadas’ hotel brands with a robust technology platform will support and improve standardization of operations across the group and provide for insights from guest request and staff performance data only possible at scale. This partnership with Grupo Posadas’ 147 properties is the largest client partnership for ALICE to date – one which Grupo Posadas is committed to increasing to 300 properties by 2020.

Partnering with ALICE will enable Grupo Posadas to meet three key management goals:

  • The creation of an Enterprise Business Intelligence Dashboard that will serve as a single dashboard with data inputs and KPIs per department for General Managers and corporate management. Data on guest requests, internal work orders, and employee productivity will drive insights at the corporate, brand, and individual hotel levels.
  • The ability to standardize management: With ALICE, Posadas Corporate will be able to distribute tools and checklists to all General Managers and other hotel department managers to ensure that every property completes certain essential tasks, from Fiesta Care, to the Posadas rooms and public areas maintenance program, to corporate initiatives. Completion of these tasks is essential for brand level consistency and efficiency, as well as to develop management staff under Posadas’ culture and values to support its growth.
  • The consolidation of technology systems: Today, guest requests, which come through Grupo Posadas’ guest application, Ana, or are entered manually, are tracked in the group’s in-house operations software Minutero. Radios are used for dispatching and internal work orders are not tracked to the company’s satisfaction. By integrating with Ana, and replacing radios with smart devices that run on the ALICE platform, ALICE will improve efficiency and provide, for the first time, reporting on service times and work across every department.

As the only platform available with a guest API and tracking of guest and internal requests, ALICE is uniquely able to help Grupo Posadas consolidate tools, while capturing and reporting on more hotel data. “We built ALICE with the vision of creating efficiencies within a hotel and improving accountability by uniting all staff and all departments with a shared technology. Implementing ALICE at 147 properties and providing Posadas Corporate with a single dashboard for complete visibility into and control of their operations is the pinnacle so far of our platform vision,” says ALICE CEO Justin Effron about the new partnership. 

Enrique Calderón, Vice President of Hotel Operations at Grupo Posadas, highlighted, “This platform is, without a doubt, a great tool that will support us in the management of each of the hotels we operate; from the measurement and assurance of the objectives of the managers and collaborators, as well as the documentation and resolution of requirements of our guests. With this system, we are not only optimizing our processes, but it will also allow us to provide a better service for the benefit of the company and our owners.”

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