Castlerock Asset Management Achieves Enhanced Performance Forecasting Capabilities With ProfitSword Business Intelligence Technology

Nashville, Tenn. – (April 21, 2022) – ProfitSword, a premier hospitality business intelligence and data integration platform, has today announced the adoption of its industry-leading budgeting and performance forecasting technology by Castlerock Asset Management. Specializing in the development and management of distinctive hospitality-based properties, Castlerock Asset Management with its deploying of ProfitSword technology can now benefit from real-time visibility into organizational data, empowering employees with the business intelligence they need to make informed decisions resulting in enhanced efficiency and revenue performance.

Castlerock Asset Management’s decision to partner with ProfitSword notably came as a result of recommendations made by trusted hospitality industry contacts as well as an in-depth review of the provider’s solution capabilities. Seeking to find an effective solution that could replace cumbersome ad-hoc financial and accounting reporting processes, Castlerock with ProfitSword is able to sidestep countless hours of data compiling and review to ensure the accuracy of information. With the ProfitSword platform able to seamlessly integrate with a vast range of performance data generating systems, with examples that include PMS, POS, labor management, accounting, procurement and sales systems, Castlerock employees can gain instant access to both real-time and accurate analytics from a single user-friendly dashboard.

“The advantages of having a real-time, one-stop shop for virtually all of our properties’ pertinent data cannot be overstated in terms of running a more agile, transparent and profitable organization,” said Hubert Worrell, Chief Financial Officer at Castlerock Asset Management. “Across the wide spectrum of our business and thanks to the partnership with ProfitSword, decision-makers now have direct and timely access to accurate information allowing them to confidently implement the best possible strategies that ensure portfolio-wide success.”

Key to ProfitSword’s ability in serving the business intelligence needs of hospitality professionals is its working closely with each partner to identify the precise data analytics that are essential to monitoring the health and performance of their organization. ProfitSword further ensures that company leadership and employees can quickly identify business opportunities or risks with custom reporting abilities that provide end-users with only the analytics that are relevant to their areas of responsibility.

“We are extremely pleased that Castlerock has already experienced the advantages that our technology provides in eliminating time-consuming manual data retrieval processes, while providing them with a high-level of accuracy that always correctly reflects current and projected business performance,” said Paul Bennie, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ProfitSword. “With the ability to now benefit from a data-driven culture not only at the corporate level but also across each of its properties, Castlerock can continue to maintain its impressive growth trajectory and we look forward to seeing the results of its ongoing expansion.”

About ProfitSword, LLC

Founded in 2001, ProfitSword’s mission is to provide exceptional business intelligence tools to the business community, specializing in data collection and integration, data analytics, operational functionality and reporting at all levels of the organization. The ProfitSword Suite is now in use by more than 30,000 users across 3,000+ business units. ProfitSword’s award-winning SaaS solutions provide the end user with applications for consolidated, real-time reporting and data management. ProfitSword uses various available methods of gathering data from disparate sources to create a powerful data warehouse. The suite of applications is accessible to all levels of users throughout the organization.

ABOUT CASTLEROCK ASSET MANAGEMENT – Castlerock Asset Management (Castlerock) is a premier real estate development and asset management firm specializing in unique and distinctive commercial properties designed to enhance and enrich the communities they serve. Headquartered in Nashville, TN, Castlerock brings a highly creative and sophisticated dynamic to the nation’s fastest-growing cities by honoring each region’s rich history and local culture while breaking exciting new ground. Castlerock’s current portfolio includes Bobby Nashville, Oak Steakhouse, The Westin Nashville, and The Westin Tampa Bay. For more information on Castlerock, visit

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