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Actabl Launches Hotel Effectiveness Housekeeping Optimizer 

Housekeeping Optimizer simplifies housekeeping management to maximize revenue, increase efficiency, enhance guest satisfaction, and improve on-property and corporate visibility.

Housekeeping Managers are the ultimate multitaskers balancing ever-evolving staffing, operational, and administrative challenges with often unpredictable occupancy demands and guest preferences. They can lack clear visibility of upcoming forecasts, including the mix of checkouts and stayovers, which can result in improper scheduling of Room Attendants. Creating schedules and building boards to reflect the needs of the property becomes a never-ending, time-consuming, and manual task. 

Hotel Effectiveness’ Housekeeping Optimizer transforms housekeeping management by providing efficiency, visibility, and time savings. Housekeeping Optimizer enables Housekeeping Managers to predict staffing needs, automate boards effortlessly, and empower teams with real-time updates.


How does Housekeeping Optimizer transform Housekeeping Management?

Hotel Optimizer simplifies Housekeeping Management by maximizing labor, driving efficiencies, and improving on-property and corporate visibility.

  • Optimizing Labor: Forecasting insights from Inventory Horizon power proactive staffing predictions to meet hotel needs. Housekeeping Management can allocate hours wisely and adjust schedules promptly based on key factors including associate MPR variance, attendance rates, and scheduled hours.
  • Time savings: The Board Builder feature allows Housekeeping Management to quickly and seamlessly build automated boards using existing Hotel Associate schedules, labor plans, and hotel preferences.
  • Realtime communication: Realtime Rooms provides Housekeeping Management with a real-time view of cleaning statuses in the app or on their desktop. Housekeeping Teams also can share room-specific notes or board changes as they arise.
  • Increased Visibility: With the forecasting visibility from Inventory Horizon, combined with the insight into real-time execution of daily work with Realtime Rooms, Housekeeping Optimizer delivers a comprehensive view of labor needs, customized for both property and corporate management, enabling proactive planning and allocation of resources.


About Actabl

Actabl is the leader in hospitality business intelligence, labor management, and hotel operations management software that provides actionable insights to above-property leaders and on-property leaders. Actabl brings together four powerful hospitality tech solutions to maximize profits for hotel operators. Actabl’s integrated solutions include ProfitSword’s business intelligence technology, Hotel Effectiveness’ complete labor optimization, ALICE’s hotel operations management platform, and Transcendent’s advanced asset management and CapEx. With a global team of 300+ employees boasting over 1,000 years of combined hospitality experience, Actabl serves the technology needs of more than 12,000 properties in hospitality markets around the world.

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