Why you Should Personalize the Guest Experience Using Operations Platforms

In the hospitality industry, personalization is a vital part of delivering a fantastic hotel guest experience. It is more than just knowing a guest’s name, anticipating their needs, staying in constant communication, and knowing their preferences from previous stays.

A hotel operations platform not only streamlines your day-to-day operations but also unifies departments and maximizes your team’s time and energy. It is also essential to providing a personalized hotel guest experience. Guests feel taken care of when their stay is personalized. Every guest wants (and deserves!) a guest experience that has been tailored just for them.

An operations platform brings several benefits to any modern hotel, however when determining whether it is worth investing in personalizing the guest experience, keep in mind that customers are 80% more likely to purchase products and services from a company that provides personalized guest experiences. 

Keep communication in your guest’s comfort zone

A lot has changed over the past year. As a result, hoteliers have had to adjust how they communicate with their guests. Rapid, direct communication between guests and hotel employees is critical when it comes to personalization. When guests are communicating in their daily life, texting is often a primary form of communication. Therefore, keep them in their comfort zone by using guest messaging software when it comes to their stay at your hotel. 

Guest messaging software enables staff to contact guests before, during, and after their stay. Sending a personalized message to your guests before arrival will ensure they feel taken care of before they’ve even set foot in your hotel. 

A messaging software can be automatic with messages scheduled to be sent at specific times during the day or throughout a guest’s stay. Your team can have personalized communication with one-on-one messaging between a guest and staff member. With one-on-one communication, any user logged into the system can pick up a conversation where it is (and review previous messages) without having a communication gap. 

Add a New Layer of Personalization Fast

When it comes to a guest’s stay, personalization is not a nice-to-have; it is essential. An operations platform can give you the tools you need to have a unique impact on each guest. A huge asset of having a technology-driven hotel is the rapid communication your team is able to have with one another. 

Communication is key for your hotel. If one of your team members is speaking to a guest and they mention in passing that they are preparing for an important meeting or are looking for fun activities to celebrate their anniversary, you want to make sure that it is written down. With a hotel operations software platform, you can create tickets and notes easily and immediately after hearing this insightful information. 

More importantly, you want the rest of your team to know this information as well so you can act on whatever information was gathered. Perhaps your team can plan to give them extra towels if they are a big family headed to the pool, or recommend a specific restaurant that they will like. This shows the guest that we are paying attention.

Another example is that your hotel is able to use ALICE to quickly create a ticket for the team to send the guest a handwritten note congratulating them on a recent promotion they might have told you about. If someone mentions their favorite soda or candy, create a ticket to have it sent to their room as a surprise! These little touches of personalization are what make a good stay, turn into a great stay.

Offer In-Room Upsale Options 

There is nothing more stressful than planning an evening in a new town after an exhausting day of exploring or working. Using an operations platform, you can offer your guests personalized packages. Using ALICE, you can anticipate what ‘experiences’ your guest might want while being at your hotel, and your team can upsell them to have a few hours or pre-planned activities. 

Although most of your guests are keen to try new restaurants and explore a new town, 73% of adults would rather stay in than go out. To cater to a variety of guests’ needs, offer pre-packaged in-room and on-the-town experiences. Maybe a Netflix night with popcorn or a date night package.

You personalize this date night to the guest! Determine whether they are more adventurous or casual? Would they prefer a picnic or fancy food? With an operations platform, you can use all the previous data on your guest to offer the perfect personalized package they can’t say no to.     

Guarantee a positive review 

Use your hotel operations software to automatically reach out to your guests to leave a review after they have left your property. Guest messaging tools come in handy when reaching out to guests. Automated messages can be programmed to be sent to guests just after they’ve left when their stay is still fresh in their minds. 

Sending your guests a thank you email or a thank you text message can leave them with a positive feeling about your hotel. We’ve written an entire blog post about asking your guests for review in a thank you note because we think it’s so impactful. 

After focusing on personalization throughout any guest’s stay, your guest is sure to feel valued and eager to return. When leaving with a positive feeling, when your automatic message reaches them asking for a review, a happy customer will want to return the favor and help you, as you helped them during their stay. 

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