Who Uses CMMS

In order to understand who uses computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) it is important to make sure you understand what a CMMS does. By definition CMMS is:

“A computerized system designed to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance activities. Also known as CMMS, typical features include planning, scheduling and monitoring of work orders and maintenance needs.”

Source: Glossary of EAM and CMMS Terms

Who Makes use of CMMS

CMMS solutions can be found in almost every industries because they bring to the table substantial organization, maintenance planning, control of maintenance and cost savings. CCMMS users include facility and maintenance management, asset planners as well as maintenance staff.

15 Reasons Organizations Use CMMS Solutions

They can be found in any almost any type business across multiple industries wherever organizations:

  1. Are managing a facility or maintenance staff responsible for the planning, upkeep and maintaining of assets/equipment.
  2. Understand that good maintenance can make the difference between a profitable year and shutting down permanently.
  3. Are tired of having their core operations interrupted by equipment or assets failing.
  4. Have taken back control of unplanned maintenance that was causing overtime and/or eating away at profit margins.
  5. Use to spend more than 20% of their maintenance time manually tracking or scheduling work management (preventive maintenance, repairs, rounds, inspections etc.).
  6. Have virtually eliminated paper flow in work management.
  7. Realized that liability from asset negligence can be mitigated by keeping accurate historical maintenance records.
  8. Found a need to reduce energy expenses which can account for more than 30% of total operations expenses.
  9. Have multiple locations and wanted to establish maintenance SOPs.
  10. Have moved from a mostly reactive maintenance operation to proactive.
  11. Are no longer willing to accept a run-to-failure operation.
  12. Have realized that spreadsheets are extremely inefficient.
  13. Understand the value of setting up an inspection schedule on critical assets.
  14. Need to be able to shut down and restart operations quickly.
  15. Have recognized the value of increased mobility for efficiency, professionalism and profitability.

The common thread for users is that organizations understand that good maintenance practices are not an option, they are a requirement in today’s competitive world.

Industries Using CMMS

Typical industries where CMMS can be found include but are not limited to:

  • Manufacturing
  • Ports
  • Utilities
  • Federal, State and Local governments
  • Property Management and¬†HOAs
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Energy Plants
  • Oil, Gas and Mining
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Amusement Parks
  • Sports Stadiums and Arenas
  • Religious Institutions
  • Cable and Telecommunications
  • Building and Facility Management
  • Schools and Universities

The reasons CMMS solutions can be found in so many industries is because the CMMS is based on common sense. Common sense tells us there is no point doing something manually if it can be automated and reactive maintenance (pay me later) is always more expensive than planned maintenance (pay me now).

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