Using Maintenance Management to Challenge Hotel Star Ratings

When you see a hotel that has a * or 5 stars rating, different images of quality, luxury and costs comes to mind. For years different organizations have used various methods to assign a rating to hotels. Now it would appear many countries are aligning themselves with The Hotelstars Union classification being widely used throughout Europe.

Understanding The HotelStars Union Classification

The Hotelstars Union’s Classification scheme is based upon 21 core competencies covering 270 elements. Each item has a different point value and a minimum amount of points must be obtained along with a set of minimum qualifications to be assigned a Start level.

Roofer preparing part of bitumen roofing felt roll for melting by gas heater torch flame

It is safe to say that no one category can put you at a certain ranking but it would appear that the three most important areas are:

  • Degree of luxury such as room size, individual room¬†HVAC¬†controls, spas, bathroom features, room amenities, lobby characteristics, bar, restaurant etc.
  • Degree of hotel services available such as length of time reception is open, room amenities, internet access, room service, mini bars, breakfast etc.
  • Level of guest services such as turndown service, ability to get extra bedding, business services, laundry services, frequency of linen changes etc.

The one item that does stand out is that in order to obtain a 3,4 or 5 star rating the hotel must have a systematic complaint management system. This is important because a good complaint system should interface with or be part of an asset and maintenance management system.

Why an EAM CMMS can Help a Hotels Rating

In a previous article we discussed the importance of hotel maintenance for making first impressions. In yet another article about hotel guest retention, we discussed the importance of being able to maintain luxury items using a systematic approach to maintenance. In addition, an EAM CMMS can be used to address the most common guest complaints of room noise, dirty rooms, HVAC issues and room smells using an organized system of inspections and work management.

As a fair amount of work requests is generated from guests or are on high profile assets it becomes critical to make sure that guest complaints and work orders are handled quickly and effectively.

An EAM CMMS system provides the computerization necessary to quickly record work request, schedule repairs and the ability for hotel management to provide exceptional customer service by informing guest when the work was completed. But the benefits of an EAM CMMS do not stop there for hotels and resorts. Other important benefits include:

  • Lengthening the useful life cycle of assets. This lowers capital replacement costs and increase cash flow
  • Better¬†hotel sustainability¬†enabling hotel to upgrade their services and luxury assets.
  • The ability to charge premium rates.

An EAM CMMS solution cannot single-handedly move you up to a higher star rating but it can give your hotel the foundation it needs to be able to afford the necessary changes to achieve a higher rating.

A couple of special notes: There is no worldwide accepted rating system and there are no hotels actually above a 5 star rating. Hotels designations as budget, economy, deluxe and first class have no bearing on their rating as these are hotels classification types rather than standards.

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