Turndown Made Easy with ALICE Housekeeping

For a luxury hotel to achieve Forbes 5-star status, exceptional service standards must be met - including the amenity of turndown. During a hotel turndown service, an attendant enters the room in the late afternoon, provides a light “touch up” clean, and prepares the room for the evening. Turndown might include changing the lighting and folding down the bedsheet for each room; for premier suites, it might also include preparing additional amenities like an evening snack or bubble bath.

The turndown process can be tedious without technology:

  • Identify rooms requiring turndown based on reservations and occupancy
  • Specify the type of turndown: new arrival vs. stayover guest; standard room vs. suites
  • Determine if there are any special requests for each service
  • Assign rooms to Room Attendants
  • Check progress and communicate any last-minute changes

Your hotel technology should manage this for you!

Save Housekeeping Time with Digital Evening Shift Boards

With ALICE Housekeeping, the turndown process is automated - based on reservation and guest information through an integration with the hotel’s PMS. When the Evening Housekeeping Supervisor begins their shift, they can pull up a PM shift board with the click of a button, easily select staff, and - voilà! - tasks are assigned:

The simple on-screen iconography and coloring help users differentiate between regular room cleaning and turndown - both on desktop and mobile devices. Alongside ALICE Housekeeping’s Mobile Rooms Reorder feature, managers can reassign rooms and add notes in real-time, on the fly, while walking the floors. Any new housekeeping tasks can be reprioritized alongside the turndown cleaning assignments or special guest requests.

For luxury property Housekeeping Managers, Turndown with ALICE gives them the ability to quickly generate turndown tasks and create an evening shift board to assign work to Room Attendants and track their progress throughout the night. Let ALICE simplify your evening shift. Discover why we ranked #1 Housekeeping Software in the HotelTechAwards based primarily on customer reviews.

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