Transcendent Answers Our Most Asked Questions

Implementing a Preventive Maintenance program takes time. We get it – it’s a huge investment!

Some hotel managers face pushback from management, but there may also be resistance from their engineers that are used to doing things the way they have been doing things. We understand change can be hard. However, performing regular, scheduled preventive maintenance creates savings that end up paying for the initial investment over and over again. The U.S. Department of Energy found from a pure cost standpoint that preventive maintenance programs can deliver 12% to 18% cost savings over reactive maintenance programs. Transcendent was designed specifically for the hospitality industry to extend the lives of your assets and dramatically improve the productivity of your maintenance organization – all serving to lower operational costs and risks and ensuring the highest reputation with guests. That being said, we hear many of the same questions from our customers before they decide to partner with us.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions:

Q. Does Transcendent have a mobile app?
A. Yes, we have a simple and easy-to-use app that doesn’t require any training.

Q. Can Transcendent scale to a large portfolio of hotels?
A. Yes, we are the leading enterprise option.

Q. What separates Transcendent from other Preventive Maintenance (PM) systems?
A. One key difference is the proof of presence Transcendent provides through QR codes. With QR codes on each of your assets, Transcendent enables your engineers to report their work with a single scan – tracking the time, location, and work. With Transcendent you get deep visibility at a property and above-property level.

Q. Do I own my data?
A. Yes, you own all the data and can export it at any time.

Q. Why do people choose Transcendent?
A. Our clients recognize that the ROI that comes with Transcendent is huge. Transcendent extends the useful life of expensive assets and building components, reduces repair and maintenance costs, and minimizes costly equipment downtime and breakdowns. Even for those properties with an existing PM program, they see the benefits of how Transcendent helps extend the life of their most expensive assets and creates effectiveness within the engineering and corporate teams.

Q. How hard is this to set up?
A. Our implementation success rate is over 90% and our net promoter score (NPS) is 96. We have a specialized customer support team to hold your hand through the process. If you already have a digital list of assets, it’s easy to import to your Transcendent account. If you don’t have a list to start from, we help your team efficiently add those assets to a digital system.

Q. Are there integration costs when we use other applications and/or software?
A. We run without any integration fees. We can get your location data imported into our system without worrying about integration or integration fees. We have an open API and we can integrate with anything.

Q. What type of reporting functionality do I get with Transcendent?
A. Our customers love our beautiful out-of-box reports to help you review your PM program with capabilities to create custom reports. Example reports include asset condition, work order histories, parts needed, and capital expenditures.

Q. Is Fire Life Safety included?
A. Yes, Transcendent goes beyond PM. We have the industry-leading functionality and features created specifically to manage water, fire, and life safety in accordance with regulatory standards. Transcendent improves employee and guest safety, reduces liability, and enables the management of risk mitigation programs including fire & life safety, water safety, and environmental sustainability programs.

Q. How does TR improve guest satisfaction?
A. Transcendent provides a free work requestor app that general managers, housekeepers, engineers, and other hotel staff can use to submit, prioritize, assign, and track high-priority work requests that are impacting guests – and it’s also configurable to your properties’ standards.

Q. How does Transcendent improve compliance?
A. Transcendent improves compliance with legal and environmental requirements for OSHA, EPA, ASHRAE, NFPA, and local, state, and national codes as well as company SOPs. It enables you to customize and scale institutional preventive maintenance standards and hold your entire portfolio accountable. Transcendent also has reporting functionality making it easy for you to provide necessary documentation when needed to show compliance.

Transcendent not only helps your hotels manage their facilities more diligently and efficiently, but it also enables you to customize and scale institutional preventive maintenance standards and hold your entire portfolio accountable. It reduces maintenance costs by ensuring that the right work is being done by the right people at the right time and reduces capital expenditure costs via proper maintenance and operation, condition assessments, planning, and proper budgeting. Our PM solution provides the above-property managers with access to real-time data, displaying the “big picture” while still allowing users to drill down into the details. And it provides all of the tools necessary to improve employee and customer safety, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce expenses, surprises, and liability.

The bottom line is: Transcendent pays for itself over and over again. We’d love to answer any more questions you may have.

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