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Tech Stack Matchmaking: Partnerships Webinar Series

Are you tired of the endless hospitality technology solutions that just don’t get you? Get ready to be swept off your feet!

Introducing Actabl’s Tech Stack Matchmaking webinar series—a quarterly courtship, to see what verified Partners Actabl recommends! In playing matchmaker, we're spicing up the way we recommend our tech partners.

With so many innovative tools entering the hospitality market and brilliant new vendors to work with, let Actabl play matchmaker to see if sparks fly between you and any of our Partners to enhance your operation! Think of us as your techy Cupid, here to shoot arrows and connect hearts (and software). It’s time to find your true tech love!

Speed Dating with a Twist – Where Tech Solutions are the Ones Making the Moves

First impressions are everything, and our partners are ready to dazzle you! You’ll hear from a selection of our esteemed ‘best in class’ partners. Each partner will have an opportunity to showcase their identity and demonstrate how their seamless integration with Actabl can elevate your business. The goal is love at first sight!

Should Cupid’s arrow strike, we’ll be in touch post-webinar to help you connect!

Meet Your Contenders

Prepare to be enchanted by our stellar tech suitors. In our inaugural Tech Stack Matchmaking webinar, we are highlighting our Alice integration partners. It is our pleasure to introduce you to:

Chexology: With Chexology, the guest is their claim ticket. Gone are the days of holding onto a little piece of paper to claim valuable luggage, cars, and coats. Provide a modern experience that costs less than paper, is sustainable and faster, and builds trust with your guests.

Relay: Relay is the leading team communications and staff safety platform. Over 5,000 hotels across North America use Relay to unify staff communications and provide rapid response to incidents - all without added infrastructure cost.

Join us on Tuesday, June 18, from 12 PM to 1 PM ET for an exclusive chance to meet your perfect tech match! This is your chance to connect with solutions that are not just compatible but truly understand the essence of your hospitality needs. Learn how Chexology and Relay will each bring a WOW factor to your guests.

Remember, this unique opportunity to find your tech soulmate won’t be recorded, so don’t miss out. Swipe right on innovation and register now to secure your spot in this one-of-a-kind tech romance!

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