The Modern Concierge Needs to Feel Comfortable Using Technology

Thanks to technology, today’s concierge has never been a greater source of information and assistance for guests.

This is a guest post from James Daniels.


Technology is something that seems to be affecting and touching just about every industry out there. In most cases, this is a great thing, as technology can open new doors, streamline tasks, make a company more productive and more competitive. The hospitality industry is one that has benefitted greatly from advances in technology and one of the places where this is obvious is with the role of the concierge.

Where it used to be that a concierge was stationed behind the desk to answer guest queries as best they could, thanks to technology, today’s concierge has never been a greater source of information and assistance for guests.


A New Set of Skills

Years ago, if someone wanted to work in the hospitality industry, they needed to have a hospitality management degree or a master’s in hotel management. Today, times are changing and suddenly the doors are opening to new and additional skills. Suddenly, degrees such as the online master of information degree, public relations degrees, and a master’s in business administration are no longer being passed over.

It’s incredible just how much of an impact technology has had on the hospitality industry, which has, in turn, required the industry to look for a new set of skills in its employees. Take the online master of information program, for example. This program focuses on data analysis and management, and information management. As hotels look to be more and more competitive with one another, advanced data on customers that has been analyzed and organized is what is needed.


Concierge Software is a Must

One of the biggest advances in the hospitality industry has been the launch of concierge software. This software is meant to make a concierge’s job easier and at the same time improve the guest’s experience. It’s highly advanced and can be customized by individual properties so it works for their needs. You name it and the software can pretty much do it.

All tasks that are scheduled within the software are then recorded and tracked. Details and the status of the task can be viewed at any time. This streamlines all kinds of items and can make the concierge much more effective.


Technology Can Make Communication a Breeze

Guests always need to feel as though it’s convenient and quick to communicate with the concierge. There is no reason that concierges shouldn’t be using technology to their advantage and to communicate with their guests. Rather than try to fight with social networking apps, why not embrace them? Encourage the concierge to chat with guests through such channels as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS. The goal is to make life as comfortable as possible for the guests, and technology can certainly help do that.


A Changing Landscape

Just like many other industries today, the hospitality industry is changing and evolving thanks to technology. For hotels to succeed it’s important for the concierge not only recognize these changes but also embrace them with open arms.




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