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A Letter of Gratitude to Hoteliers at Labor Day

Dear Hospitality Leaders,

Hi. My name is Steven Moore, the CEO of Actabl. Please forgive yet another message right before a holiday weekend.

I am here simply to say thank you.

I have been a part of this incredible hospitality industry for several years now but still consider myself a relative newcomer. Labor Day weekend has typically been my and many other families’ chance for one last summer outing. This year, my perspective is different.

At Actabl we are serving over 11,000 hotels around the world. We see it as a calling to deliver exceptional software that serves the hard work hoteliers put into their jobs every day – even, and especially, when many of our team members are off.

Labor Day is the near-universal sentiment of “let’s give thanks to the people who built all this, and who have worked to make all this possible”. At Actabl, we are deeply grateful for you.

Have you received a “thank you” recently? Or even more impactful, have you shown gratitude to someone else? Sharing in acts of gratitude can help us be happier, healthier, less stressed, and more rested. It is incremental, but it’s there.

Here are a few stats* on gratitude:

  • Over 4 in 5 people say receiving a genuine “thank you” makes them feel appreciated
  • 88% of people say that expressing gratitude to colleagues makes them feel happier and more fulfilled
  • 30% regret not saying thank you to someone in the last week
  • Recognition is the #1 reason inspiring employees to do great work

As September begins and we enter the fall season here in the US – we see you, hoteliers.

We applaud you and appreciate you. And we promise to enter this season with renewed enthusiasm and drive for creating better tools – the best tools – to lighten your load and bring joy to your day.

Yours in hospitality (and proud to be here),


*Grateful to American Greetings (2015 online survey commissioned by Harris Poll), American Psychological Association (2012 survey by Harris Interactive), and for these stats on “thanks”.

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