How to Optimize Your Hotel with Operations Software

As a hotel owner, general manager, supervisor, or team leader, you run your hotel. But – stick with us here – what if you aspired to more? 

What if you replaced run with improve, or reinvent, or transform? What if your job was – don’t just make this run – make it run better. Make it run lighter, faster, with more agility, and with an eye toward rough terrain, unpredictable occupancy, and a difficult and uncertain future. 

 What would it take to optimize your hotel? 

Here at ALICE, we sat down and thought of all the great ways a hotel can use or improve itself with operations management software. We also reached out to our favorite hoteliers, operations experts, and veteran hospitality providers for their input. The ideas flowed, and we kept writing… and writing. We cut ourselves off at 99. 

The hotel industry has been leveraging operations software for years, but in 2021 it has gone from a “nice to have” to an essential, can’t operate without it tool. That’s why we created this eBook, full of tips, hacks, tricks, and shortcuts to operating efficiently with the help of hotel operations software.

But most importantly, we hope you use these 99 tips to guide, inspire, and empower every single employee at your hotel to provide the ultimate guest experience for every person who walks through your doors. Because at the end of the day, it all comes back to hospitality and creating a safe, welcoming environment for your guests and staff. 

Our eBook is a guide for how your lean team can use ALICE as a force multiplier to take on uncertain occupancy, bumpy roads, and an unpredictable market. Are there more than 99 ways to use a hotel management system for efficiency? Absolutely. This is just a start!

Hotel Operations Unleashed

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What hotel operations software can and can’t do

Hotel operations software is the Swiss army knife of hotel technology. All-in-one platforms provide deep functionality to help teams get the job done in the most efficient ways. Front of house and back of house teams can leverage it for communication and streamlined task management. 

  • Tip #4: Gain visibility and transparency into your hotel’s operations to inform data-driven decisions. Detailed reporting can help provide your hotel with valuable business intelligence that can be accessed at any time. Are 95% of your guests making requests for more pillows? Put more pillows in each room!

  • Tip #10: Hotel Operations software can’t replace your team. Nothing can replace a warm hello or someone carrying a guest’s bags to their room.


Support for Lean Teams

COVID-19 had a significant impact on the size of hotel operations teams. Employees are being asked to do more, with less. Without hotel management software, it can be a challenge to keep your staff on the same page. Fortunately, ALICE helps employees wear multiple hats, and get the most impactful work done, in the most efficient way. 

  • Tip #16: Hold employees, teams, departments, and your entire hotel accountable with operations software. Accountability is more important than ever when hotels operate with lean teams. Every click of a button has a timestamp and a username attached to the action, creating a clear picture of each request’s lifecycle, including who completed it and how long it took. If teams fall behind, they can easily reassign tasks, or make notes about where they left off. 


Connect your hotel

Connecting your hotel’s systems and teams are just as important as your hotel’s ability to connect with guests. As technology becomes more ingrained in our lives, staff and guests expect streamlined technology experiences that reflect real time statuses. 

  • Tip #34: Enable guest-facing employees to answer questions like, “Has my room been cleaned today?” in a split second, with accurate information. 


Health and safety for staff and guests

Health safety is one of the most important parts of hospitality. Hotels have an obligation to keep their staff and guests safe. Hotel operations software helps facilitate a safe environment at all property types. 

  • Tip #49: ALICE Housekeeping is a COVID-19 response tool. It is built to help hoteliers maintain new levels of clean, and support ever changing SOPs. Through market and consumer research, it has been configured to support lean teams as they adapt to new procedures and play a large role in keeping staff and guests safe.


Contactless technology is the future 

The pandemic has created an urgent need for contactless hospitality, which connects guests and hotel staff while reducing face-to-face interactions. Contactless doesn’t mean impersonal. Guests can still engage directly with hotel staff on their personal mobile devices or their in-room voice activated devices.

  • Tip #70: Contactless communication isn’t just for guest engagement. Team collaboration requires good communication. Use ALICE to keep teams working in sync, and communicating, without having to interact face-to-face.


Data-driven hotels

Gone are the days that general managers and owners make decisions based on a gut feeling instead of data. Collect and store data within your hotel’s operational systems so you can identify big picture trends or micro-level roadblocks. 

  • Tip #80: You can also use hotel software to validate your employees’ efforts by recognizing their hard work. Has the front desk team decreased response time by 20%? Time to celebrate. Does every single post-stay survey mention the welcome cocktails? Give your bartender a raise!

A hotel operations system is one piece of software that will help your hotel’s business thrive. Are you curious about the other 93 tips and tricks that can optimize your hotel? Download your FREE copy of ALICE’s eBook Hotel Operations Unleashed today!

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