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How to Fall In Love with Your Maintenance Man

Are maintenance men (or women) hard to fall in love with? Maintenance may not be the most glamorous in the world but a pretty good case can be made that it is one of the most important. Maybe Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to re-examine your relationship with your maintenance man.

Without your maintenance man assets deteriorate and equipment will eventually stop working. Maintenance is the glue binding together every asset intensive organization. Without good maintenance your organization is destined for failure.

What Do You Think of Your Maintenance Man?

Maybe you never really thought about it because you are in a new facility or maybe you hate the maintenance man because nothing ever seems to be working right.

Unfortunately, unlike human love there is no magic pill that can bring old dilapidated machines or facilities back to life, because once they stop working they have to be repaired or replaced.Keeping this in mind it better to fall in love with your maintenance man and help them be the best they can be. Some of the ways you can help change you relationship with maintenance are:

10 Valentines Gifts for your Maintenance Man

  1. Increase their mobility by giving them a new rugged mobile device. This not only makes them more accessible but it helps them become far more efficient.
  2. Take away their paperwork. Give them an EAM CMMS to automate the work order lifecycle and improve document management.
  3. Offer them additional training on any asset they want to learn about.
  4. Give them a token of your appreciation – free lunch, dinner, movie tickets etc.
  5. Allow them to tinker with machines and their EAM CMMS system. Tinkering encourages improvement ideas and also increases software adoption rates.
  6. Listen to your maintenance man. Take the time to hear and understand what they have to say. One good idea can save an organization 10% or more in energy, repair or overtime costs.
  7. Make Valentine’s Day a special occasion by implementing one a change that they have suggested. Make it an annual event.
  8. Make a real commitment to increasing the amount of proactive maintenance they can do each week. Proactive maintenance cuts down MRO costs significantly.
  9. Recognize them publicly for their work. Never let your maintenance man think he is under appreciated.
  10. Ban chewing gum!

Giving your maintenance man a gift shows respect and provides encouragement for them to excel at their jobs. Benefits can be monetary (costs savings) or image related such as stopping the embarrassment of equipment not working during a client visit.

You may even find that your personal well-being is improved when the HVAC works starts working better when you need it the most. Most importantly, falling in love with your maintenance man is really a sign of respect for their skills and knowledge earned over the years. With respect comes come an improved working environment for all.

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