How Hotel Guest Messaging Benefits Your Hotel

Trust is one of the cornerstones of any good relationship, including the relationship that your hotel has with its guests. There are many ways that a hotel can build trust with its guests, but one of the easiest ways is with clear, rapid and transparent communication. Guest messaging software can be leveraged by hotels to communicate effectively with guests.

Text messages are the preferred means of communication for many consumers. In fact, 85% of consumers prefer to receive a text message instead of a phone call or email. With most (if not all) hotel guests possessing mobile devices, communicating with guests via text message can be highly beneficial for your hotel.

Here are seven ways hotel text messaging systems benefit your hotel:

Communicate proactively with your guests

Proactive guest communication can help set guest expectations and increase guest satisfaction. Don’t wait until a guest is checking-in at your front desk to address important issues that could have been done in advance. Guest messaging software can help hoteliers communicate with guests for the following reasons (and these are just to name a few!):

  • Send check-in instructions: Check-in procedures have changed at many hotels since COVID-19. Is your hotel asking that only one person check-in per party? Is there a kiosk provided? Send a text message to guests in advance of their stay to let them know how to make the check-in process as seamless as possible.
  • Provide room updates: A guest didn’t check-out in time, or your housekeeping team is short-staffed because of an employee emergency — it happens. If you know a guest’s room might not be ready, let your guests know ASAP so they can delay their arrival, or be prepared to wait in the lobby (with a complimentary beverage, of course!).
  • Set expectations: Is your hotel bar temporarily closed? Or have local COVID-19 restrictions prevented you opening your spa? Tell your guests in advance so they’re not disappointed when they arrive at your hotel.

Keeps guests and staff safe with contactless communication

As hotels continue to face the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s one phrase that’s continuously brought up: contactless hospitality. But what exactly is it?

Contactless hospitality is a set of best practices that minimizes the risks of transmitting COVID-19, while offering your hotel guests the same level of high-quality service they’ve come to know (and deserve). Contactless hospitality is the future. As guest preferences change, contactless solutions such as guest messaging software will continue to prevail.

Contactless hospitality helps reduce the number of times guests and staff have face to face conversations (or the number of times that staff to staff conversations need to happen in person!). Guest messaging software is one of the best ways for hotels to provide contactless communication. 

>> Check out our latest infographic: Contactless hospitality and your hotel. <<

Show you care: communicate with guests on their terms

ALICE Guest Messaging provides guests a chance to opt out of text messages at any time. Any number of reasons may prompt a guest to opt out, but the most important part of opting-out is that with ALICE, hotels will be able to respect the wishes of their guests.

Keep a history of every conversation

Excellent customer service comes down to details. Remembering it’s a guest’s anniversary or remembering to follow-up and ask how a dinner reservation went are just some of the ways that hoteliers can show guests that they care.

Hotel guest messaging provides a record of every conversation that happens between staff and guests. It can serve as a way to hold staff accountable as well as a way to avoid having to ask guests the same question twice.

Eliminate the need for in-room printed collateral

A traditional hotel room is usually full printed collateral that provides all of the information that a guest could possibly need. Room service menus, resort maps, spa menus, and emergency instructions are neatly printed and placed in a leather folder or in a branded three-ring binder.

However, there are many reasons that printed in-room collateral is disappearing:

  • Hotels are going paperless
  • Guests don’t always want to handle physical items in their rooms
  • It’s hard to keep printed materials updated

With guest messaging, hotels are able to send links directly to a guest’s personal device. With hotel guest messaging, guests will always have access to the most up to date digital information, from their own personal mobile device.

Talk to all of your guests at once

Is something happening at your hotel that makes it necessary to contact all of your guests urgently? Broadcast messaging can be a reliable way to do that. Guest messaging software enables hoteliers to message all of their guests or specific groups, at the same time. 82% of people say they open every text message they receive, which means that the chances of your message reaching all of the people it needs to is high.

Ask your guests for feedback

Feedback and guest comments are some of the best ways to improve your hotel. Leverage hotel guest messaging software to send guest surveys asking about the guest experience. Providing your guests with an easy way to send your feedback is a great way to understand where your team is excelling, and where your team can improve.

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