Hotels are like Tetris

A hotel is like… Tetris? Do something good, it disappears. The tasks that are completed in full and on time fit seamlessly within the flow of the day. It’s Monday and rush rooms needed by 10 am are ready by 9:30 am. Afternoon check-in time at the front desk runs smoothly with guests never having to wait in a queue. The vibe of the hotel remains calm without any ripple effects.


But every day is a new game for hotel managers. It’s Tuesday morning and one of the elevators malfunctions when a large group arrives. Thankfully the head engineer can make a quick switch from their preventative maintenance checklist to attend to the emergency elevator service. The front desk staff manage to locate complimentary snacks and drinks for waiting guests as the lobby area becomes crowded.

Suddenly, raised voices hush the crowd as the head concierge is getting chewed out by a VIP guest. That one special VIP request for a private car to arrive at exactly 11am did not make its way from the general manager’s desk to concierge.


Here comes Wednesday. Hotel managers have an incredible capacity to juggle while delivering quality service, but it doesn’t take much to throw off the entire day across all departments. The errors, the forgotten tasks, the missed requests, the neglected maintenance…they accumulate.

It is an (exhausting) art to constantly be piecing the puzzle together without knowing what the next shape will look like. Reduce staff to a lean team and forget it. There isn’t enough time in the day to avoid a loss. But it doesn’t have to be game over!


A new day offers not just a renewed outlook but the opportunity to arm the hotel with the right tools. It’s Thursday, and ALICE walks in. She isn’t the standard hotel technology that promises to optimize one aspect of your operations; she is here to support every department from guest services to housekeeping to engineering.

ALICE won’t make task lists magically disappear or guests instantly happy. The hotel operations platform helps managers master their day by organizing task creation, assignment, and status all in one place.


Yes, ok, we admit there are problems that show up in a hotel that ALICE can’t solve.  

  • Baby poop in the kiddie pool   
  • Softball team & a broken bus 
  • Head chef finally loses it

But hell, maybe even these cases are not so painful to tackle when ALICE is running in the background.

Friday has arrived. When you don’t know what will walk in the door next, ALICE helps you keep calm and in control.


ALICE is built by hoteliers, for hoteliers – with unmatched support from hoteliers. 

We hoteliers. We hotels.


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