Hotel Guest Room Deep Clean Checklist

Improve the Guest Experience by Creating a Healthy Environment with this Deep Clean Checklist

You know that deep cleaning guest rooms is important — and even more so during this challenging time. So, what are the steps to go about it in a productive, efficient way? Here at Hotel Effectiveness, we created a detailed Guest Room Deep Clean Checklist.

Deep cleaning is beneficial in several ways because it:

  • Provides a better guest experience
  • Extends the lifespan of soft and hard goods in each guestroom
  • Creates a healthier environment for guests and hotel team members

With such low occupancy levels during these difficult circumstances, now’s the perfect time to take on the essential deep clean.

Engage in a Deep Cleaning Program

We suggest you start an extensive deep cleaning program now for your guest rooms and public spaces. Providing your team a straightforward and easy-to-follow checklist allows them to clean efficiently and stay organized, ensuring each step is done without missing critical cleaning tasks. A checklist also allows management to focus on other important matters, saving them valuable time by not having to instruct their team on the cleaning.

In our helpful Guest Room Deep Clean Checklist, we’re sharing 11 areas for cleaning and breaking down each area with specific cleaning tasks, including:

  • Solid surface cleaning
  • Window treatments
  • Vertical surfaces
  • Bathroom
  • Floor coverings
  • And more…

Remember, cleanliness is a top priority for any hotel — including yours. Clean guest rooms are healthier for everyone and also serve as a positive reflection of your brand. Guests will never forget a stay in a dirty, unkempt room. With these deep cleanings, you can improve guest satisfaction and loyalty by ensuring they enjoy their visit with neat and tidy rooms and public spaces.

Pro Tip: Low occupancy allows managers to assign different tasks to team members who wouldn’t have helped with cleaning in normal times — it gives you productive use of your people and helps you retain staff employees, so they can earn their much-needed paychecks.

To support your cleaning efforts and guide your team, download our free, detailed Guest Room Deep Clean Checklist today.
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