Five Features to Consider When Evaluating Hotel Housekeeping Software

Make sure you’re selecting the right housekeeping software with all the features you need to effectively run your housekeeping department and keep your hotel guests happy. 

Investing in housekeeping software can be a big purchase for a hotel. Whether you’re a 15-room boutique hotel in New York City, or a 400-room resort in the Caribbean, housekeeping software can keep your hotel organized, cut costs and save time. With 1.17 million housekeepers in the US, and millions more globally, it’s time to provide them the right tools for success. Hoteliers have many options to choose from, so it’s important to evaluate each product before making a decision. Once you’ve prioritized which features are most important to your hotel, it’s time to start comparing your options. While there is no “one-size fits all” for housekeeping software, there are many products that can tick most, if not all of the boxes on your housekeeping software feature wishlist. We’ve identified a list of features to consider when evaluating housekeeping software.


Reporting & Analytics 

These features can provide insight into people management, cost management and ROI you’re receiving from your software. Gathering data about how your housekeeping department is performing is great insight into individual employee and department productivity. Housekeeping software that generates reports on how long it takes to turnover a room, or which employee is cleaning more rooms quicker than their colleagues, can help highlight room attendant superstars or identify inefficiencies in processes. Look for software that can provide an extensive variety of metrics and reporting for you to get both a big picture overview of your department and a detailed breakdown.



Have you ever said “I love it, but….” ? Get rid of the “but” by making sure the software you’re interested in is customizable. Will you be able to work with your software provider to tailor settings to your housekeeping department’s needs before deploying it your team? Will the software be user-friendly for your staff? Avoid confusion by making sure your team only has access to the features they need and use. Your staff are more likely to embrace and use housekeeping software that is user-friendly and does what they need it to do. 


PMS Integration

Selecting housekeeping software that has the ability to integrate with your existing PMS allows you to avoid duplicate data entry, save time, and ensure accuracy by integrating directly with other systems at your property. If your PMS vendor is integrated with your housekeeping software, reservation and room status details will be exchanged between the two systems in real-time. No more keeping guests waiting at the front desk because you can’t determine if their room is clean or not. 


Interdepartmental Communications

Does your hotel suffer from a lack of communication between departments? Purchase a housekeeping solution that can be accessed and used by other departments such as maintenance, management, and front desk teams. You want your software to bring your departments together in an easy-to-use manner which can provide faster solutions to raised issues. 


Mobile Alerts & Messaging

The business of cleaning rooms and managing a housekeeping department is fast-paced and dynamic. Requests and priorities can change in an instant. Make sure you have software with features for mobile alerts and messaging. Real-time information and alerts among staff or between staff and guests can increase efficiency and deliver faster results. 

Evaluating the features of housekeeping software, and what it can do for your hotel can be a daunting process, but if you know what features are important for your property, you’ll have a much easier time narrowing in on your top contenders. Find a housekeeping solution with features that work for your property, give your team the tools it needs to be more efficient, and keep your guests happy and returning after each stay.

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