How Our Hotel General Managers Start Their Mornings

For some hoteliers, every morning starts with data.

In the fiercely competitive world of hospitality, gathering, analyzing, and reacting to data can have a huge impact on not just a hotel’s bottom line, but its reputation as well. In an effort to help our peers compete, we here at ALICE interviewed some of New York City’s leading GMs on the importance of data as it relates to the running of their hotel.

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2016-02-29_ebook_Slide_2.pngFor some hoteliers, every morning starts with data.

One general manager told us, “Every day, I come in at 7 a.m. and have five-page report waiting on my desk. I like to check how the hotels nearby are doing on every front, how many TripAdvisor reviews they have, our ranking relative to them, and etc.”

The first metric that hoteliers tend to focus on is how to get customers through the door, which can be challenging, according to the GM of a boutique hotel in midtown Manhattan. “The one metric that no one seems to be really good at is your pick-up rate,” he said. “When am I selling the bulk of my rooms? Is it on a weekday? What day? Is it in the morning, in the afternoon?” Determining this pick-up metric can be crucial for rate adjustment.

The second, and maybe the more valuable metric, ….

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