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ALICE Customers Drive New Housekeeping Feature Releases

The best hotel technology partners are continuously iterating to better serve hoteliers. So when ALICE customers wanted to integrate our Guest Services & Preventative Maintenance products with the Housekeeping solution, we listened:

  • 2019 – ALICE Housekeeping launched
  • 2020 – ALICE ranked #3 Housekeeping Software in the HotelTechAwards
  • 2021 – ALICE ranked #2 Housekeeping Software in the HotelTechAwards
  • 2022 – ALICE ranked #1 Housekeeping Software in the HotelTechAwards

Hear why hoteliers choose ALICE Housekeeping – direct from HotelTechReport reviews:

Auto Room Assignment

  • “ALICE is a great tool to communicate and track issues. Housekeeping boards are easier to set up than any other system. The auto-pilot feature is an amazing device to assist the housekeeper with where they need to go next and what rooms need to be cleaned. The alert system for rushed rooms is also a great feature.” – Anonymous Hotelier

Real-time Two-way PMS Integration 

  • “The simplicity of the program: everything is right in front of you and user-friendly. It’s easy to put comments in for the team to see and easy to rush rooms, coming from opera and LMS this is by far a better choice. There are also many updates, and when something is wrong, the ALICE team does work hard to correct the error.” – Assistant Housekeeping Manager at a Las Vegas Casino

Cleaning Checklists

  • “Love how easy it is to make housekeeping checklists as well as communicating with all departments. Makes it very easy to track your staff progress on projects and tasks.” – Resort Manager in Canada

Productivity Reports

  • “Wonderful tool for tracking productivity… As an administrator, I can easily see who is a top performer in terms of problem resolution and guest communication. I now have the data to identify trends and create improvement plans for my hotel.” – Director of Rooms in the United States

What’s Brand New to ALICE Housekeeping?

Customer reviews and feedback help our team uncover product update opportunities. We strive to introduce new features that best serve housekeeping teams – especially as hotels face staffing challenges while striving to deliver exceptional service. Check out these recently launched features:

Mobile Rooms Reorder

  • ALICE’s new Mobile Rooms Reorder functionality enables housekeeping managers to easily assign rooms while away from their desks using a mobile device. Housekeeping managers do not have time to manually update schedules and then efficiently communicate the changes to the team. Mobile Rooms Reorder is a game-changer for lean hotel teams who strive to deliver seamless service amongst the typical chaotic scheduling and reprioritization of room cleanings.

“🔥 ALICE rocks 🔥Easy and simple way to update rooms in the system and get communication between the departments. Recently added options are also very helpful, it’s visible that Alice is improving. Now it’s possible to put priority rooms on the top of the list, see room’s category and information. All of those functions make it much easier for housekeeping employees to navigate what should be done first.” – Style Supervisor in Norway


  • Luxury properties are required to deliver turndown service, where an attendant enters the room in the evening and provides a light “touch up” clean and prepares the room for the evening. ALICE Housekeeping now has the ability to easily generate Turndown tasks, create Turndown boards, assign them to Room Attendants, and track their progress throughout the evening shift. 

ALICE Housekeeping is a force multiplier – empowering lean teams to do their most impactful work in the most efficient way. Enable your housekeeping department to be in constant communication with mobile and desktop functionality for all staff to send and receive requests between departments, wherever they are on property. With hotel housekeeping management integrated into your hotel’s PMS, gain instant insight into room status and guest information. ALICE Housekeeping streamlines task management with simple iconography and virtual boards.

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