ALIS Takeaways 2023: Key Hospitality Labor Trends

ALIS 2023 kicked off with Actabl’s own Adam Glickman, VP Brand Strategy, presenting at the Data, Trends, & Solutions: Innovative Products & Services that Help Drive ROI panel. With hotels still plagued by high turnover and inflationary wages, the industry is gearing up to face a slew of new challenges in the coming months. Rising labor costs lead the discussion at this year’s panel, as owners, investors, and operations teams alike look for solutions to mitigate potentially costly impact. Owners and investors could see a disincentivization of capex and product innovation, while operations could be forced to cut costs elsewhere.

Adam shared data on the current state of hospitality labor costs and recommendations for areas of focus in Q1 to maximize profits.

Highlights included:

  • Labor requirements vs. labor costs: Comparing trends in Hours per Occupied Room (HPOR) to Cost per Occupied Room (CPOR)
  • +100% annual turnover continuing for key roles
  • Tenured room attendant wage growth slowing

“The biggest opportunity, this year, as we move forward, is saying: ‘What services do we absolutely think our teams need to be providing to give an amazing experience that’s going to be memorable?” Adam stated during the panel. 

To see the rest of Adam’s labor cost insights and actionable recommendations, click the link below:

Download PDF

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