How to Simplify Connecting Rooms for Housekeeping Teams

Many hotel rooms and suites have the option of connecting with adjacent rooms – also referred to as “connecting rooms”. Without the proper hotel technology, tracking the status of connecting rooms is confusing and assigning them to be cleaned is even harder. Other technologies treat hotels with connecting rooms as separate rooms which creates confusion for housekeeping teams. Since they are treated like separate rooms, the reservation and task information for those rooms gets broken which complicates the Room Attendant’s daily task list and decreases their efficiency. ALICE Housekeeping is the only hotel technology that easily solves the challenge of connecting rooms!

Save Housekeeping Time with ALICE Connecting Rooms

With ALICE’s new Connecting Rooms feature, housekeeping staff can easily manage and visualize all of the connected and connectable rooms or virtual suites across the property with simple icons. When rooms are in a connected state, ALICE pairs them and displays a connecting rooms icon, visually showing that these rooms are connected.

If rooms are in a disconnected state, the icon will still be next to the room number but will not be bold; this shows that the room is connectable but is not connected at the moment.

What can ALICE users do now with Connecting Rooms?

  • Ability to automatically communicate connecting rooms to their teams
  • Visualize which rooms connect and/or are connected
  • Quickly find connectable rooms with web filtering

Rooms that are connected now are represented digitally as virtual suites. Virtual suites are automatically connected when there is a “Checked in” or “Stayover” reservation for the virtual suite.

Arm Your Housekeeping Team with an Easy-to-use Solution featuring Simple Iconography

ALICE Housekeeping features an award-winning user experience – designed with your housekeeping team in mind. ALICE’s intuitive and simple iconography can be recognized regardless of the language your team members speak or their level of familiarity with technology. Awards include:

ALICE Housekeeping creates a clear, open line of communication between managers, supervisors, and room attendants – which ultimately gets guests into rooms faster, leaving them more satisfied!

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