2022 Hotel Labor Perfection Toolkit — Achieve 100% Perfect Labor Costs

Thousands of hoteliers across the country are not feeling confident about their hotel’s 2022 labor plan and budget. Are you?

Look, developing a budgeting plan for 2022 will be like never before. We can no longer look at like-for-like days last week, last month, or last year. And, we have to address a much shorter window of time for any changes. Different demand drivers, like group business and transient business, are fluid, and your 2022 budget plan should support that. Address labor the smart way and plan into the future. It’s time to look forward!

We challenged ourselves here at Hotel Effectiveness® to find a better solution for accurate labor budgeting that could support the hospitality industry as we rebound. The solution is the Labor Perfection Toolkit. It’s designed to help leadership and general managers successfully manage your businesses by optimizing your 2022 budget plans and achieve 100% perfect labor costs.

If you’re not 100% sure you’re set up for success in the new year with accurate labor budget plans, you need the 2022 Labor Perfection Toolkit.

It’s packed with insights from industry leaders, like Heather McCrory, Liam Brown and Danny Hughes, and reveals critical practices to follow to validate your 2022 budget. It also has new strategies that you can implement right away to mitigate turnover and improve employee retention — a top priority that’s highlighted in this toolkit.

Our first-ever Labor Perfection Toolkit includes three main components: 4-Step Labor Success Plan, Labor Budget Calculator and Custom Local Performance Benchmark Report. Spending 10 minutes on this now could have a tremendous impact on your 2022 results. 

Developed in partnership with the No Vacancy News and industry guru Glenn Haussman, the 4-Step Labor Success Plan is an easy-to-follow guide. It provides four steps that build on each other and support developing a perfect 2022 labor plan. You’ll learn how to use zero-based budgeting, dynamic labor planning and benchmarks that will help you maximize GOP.

The DIY labor budget calculator helps you develop a sense of your actual labor hour and wage budget requirements per hotel in your portfolio. When you plug in basic data, it builds a labor budget so you can see for yourself the labor hours and wages you can expect for a week, month, or full year in 2022. The more detail you provide, the more specific and accurate your budget will be. With the labor calculator, you’ll have full visibility at your fingertips.

And with access to brand and market performance reports, you can leverage wage, staffing and productivity comparisons to inform your own plans. When you compare your hotel’s staffing and productivity levels with hotels just like yours, you can take immediate action to mitigate lost margins and reward over-performing teams.

The world ahead of us is unpredictable, but you can still achieve 100% perfect labor costs and maximize use of resources available to your hotel. This brand-new 2022 Labor Perfection Toolkit provides the keys to making sure you optimize your #1 controllable expense — labor.

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