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Transcendent’s Reporting Solutions: Empowering Maintenance Excellence

In the quest for operational excellence, above-property managers and directors rely on reports and dashboards to gain critical insights into their maintenance activities. These tools provide valuable information on how each property is performing, where each property stands in comparison to others, and how groups of properties are faring in different areas or regions. 

Reports and dashboards also hold the key to unlocking essential insights about asset reliability, vendor performance, manufacturer data, and upcoming capital planning decisions. At the property-level, they are crucial for managers to quickly assess their facility's maintenance status and efficiently allocate and monitor work.

Actabl’s Solution for Comprehensive Reporting

With a rich array of reporting functionality, Transcendent simplifies data analysis and aids in making informed maintenance management and capital planning decisions with confidence.

Transcendent offers:

  • Manual or Automated Reporting: Generate reports on-demand or set them to update and distribute automatically on a schedule that suits your needs.
  • Common and Custom Reports: Access a library of common reports tailored to the hospitality industry or create custom reports with a powerful ad-hoc reporting engine.
  • Color-Coded Dashboards: Visualize your data through color-coded, graphical dashboards that enable maintenance teams to track their progress, goals, and priorities easily.
  • Accessibility: Maintenance managers and supervisors can access dashboards seamlessly, whether on their desktop or a mobile device.

Empowering Above-Property Executives

Transcendent's property-level dashboards are not only beneficial for on-site managers but also provide valuable insights to above-property executives. These dashboards enable executives to dive deep into specific hotel data, gaining visibility into what on-site directors of engineering (DOEs) are seeing. This insight can be invaluable for benchmarking, issue identification, training, and targeted management efforts.

A former Regional Director of Engineering and Facilities noted that, “Managing 140 hotels would have been nearly impossible without Transcendent.” He used Transcendent dashboards to manage by exception, focusing efforts where they were most needed.

In conclusion, Transcendent's robust reporting and dashboard capabilities offer a comprehensive solution for asset management excellence. They empower your organization to streamline maintenance processes, make informed decisions, and stay ahead in the dynamic world of asset management. With Transcendent, you have the tools to drive efficiency, compliance, and success, in your operations.

How to Choose the Right Solution: Maintenance Software for Hotels

Are you deciding between EAM/CMMS systems? Download our guide on how to choose.

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