Why Hotel Housekeeping Software is Essential

Why Hotel Housekeeping Software Is Essential Infographic

The work of a hotel employee is never done. With enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols, the daily housekeeping tasks have gone from important to essential.

Hotel housekeeping software can help your department maintain records, earn and keep guests' trust, be proactive, gain transparency and accountability, and reduce face-to-face contact.

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Hotel Software Features to Consider

  • All-in-One Solution Connect your housekeeping department to the rest of your hotel for streamlined operations.
  • Flexible User Permissions Adjust permissions with the click of a button to accommodate lean teams and employees filling multiple roles.
  • Mobile Functionality Alter and update staff assignments without the hassle of radios or having to run back to the office.
  • Advanced Task Management Seamlessly dispatch requests on the go to the right department, with the ability to track progress in real-time.
  • Comprehensive Inspections Ensure every box is meticulously checked and that no part of a room is left uncleaned.

How Alice by Actabl Housekeeping Helps

Alice enables your housekeeping department to be in constant communication. With mobile functionality, all users can send and receive requests from each department, wherever they are on property. And because our hotel housekeeping software is integrated into your hotel’s PMS, you gain instant insight into room status.

Learn more about Alice by Actabl Housekeeping or request a demo today.

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