Hotel Labor Cost Index - Total USA, January 2023


HPOR x Wages = CPOR

With Actabl data we are able to calculate total CPOR (Cost Per Occupied Room) to understand how labor costs impact the profitability of individual hotels, or a portfolio of hotels. Using this metric, we’ve studied how labor costs have changed from pre-pandemic levels to today.

Our Hotel Labor Cost Index shows rising costs due to wage rate changes, increased use of contract and overtime labor, inflationary business costs and increase in service standards requiring labor.

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How can you maximize profits in 2023 and beyond?

Getting and using actionable insights (and not just scrubbing through lots of data) will unlock your ability to maximize profits for hotels you lead. To view a hotel labor cost report by brand or a brand-specific housekeeping labor dashboard, request a demo of Hotel Effectiveness by Actabl today.