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PerfectLabor Delivers $28,000 per Hotel Savings During Pandemic

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In the midst of the pandemic, a portfolio of Extended Stay America hotels struggled to make staffing decisions and lack clear direction and visibility into operations. After implementing Hotel Effectiveness' PerfectLabor, the portfolio saw significant savings in hours and wages.


We expected this investment to be worthwhile, but no one expected a 20X return in the first year. PerfectLabor needs to be a part of every hotel company's management playbook

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The Challenge

Struggles with staffing, direction, and visibility 

Spurred on by the spread of the coronavirus and the ensuing COVID-19 pandemic, the hotel industry has experienced one of the worst downturns it’s seen in a decade or more. A portfolio of Extended Stay America hotels was struggling with making decisions regarding staffing, both in terms of the overall number of employees and their roles within the organizations. In addition, the portfolio had no clear direction and visibility into operations, so knowing where to focus from a labor standpoint was exceedingly difficult.

The Solution

Hotel Effectiveness' PerfectLabor

PerfectLabor™ by Hotel Effectiveness helped the portfolio by empowering the hotel managers to optimize their staffing decisions using a variety of tools and capabilities, allowing them to gain visibility into key opportunity areas and stay agile and lean during this uncertain period.

PerfectLabor™, voted the No. 1 hotel scheduler and the No. 1 labor management solution in 2020, uses real-time data, advanced technology, and simple reporting capabilities to reduce labor costs. Our system promotes more efficient labor management and ensures that the overall labor component of a hotel operation is optimized as much as possible, even in the face of significant barriers.


The Results

Increased savings and real-time visibility

After using PerfectLabor™ for six months, the portfolio of Extended Stay America hotels has shown tremendous resiliency and has experienced significant savings in both hours and wages in the face of an industry-wide downturn. PerfectLabor™ has allowed the hotel to take advantage of:

> A Time-Saving Scheduler
> A Holistic Integrated Platform
> Thorough and Tailored Labor Plans
> Real-time Visibility
> Benchmarking to Keep Track of Progress and Industry Comparisons

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