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Remington Chooses Hotel Effectiveness to Reduce Overtime and More

at Remington Hotels,
Dallas, TX, United States
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When one portfolio grew from five pilots to an estate of over 80 hotels, Remington Hotels needed an effective and efficient way to reduce overtime estate-wide. Hotel Effectiveness' PerfectLabor solution was just the answer they needed to exceed this goal.








Since we’ve been using PerfectLabor, we’ve brought overtime from 3.5% to 2%.

Zach Cunningham
Remington Hotels
Daily Labor Check-In Screen in Hotel Effectiveness Platform

The Challenge

Reducing overtime, timing, and visibility issues

One portfolio blossomed from five pilots to a full estate of 80+ hotels. This brought on a challenge that needed to be tackled in a big way. Remington Hotels had to reduce overtime from 3.5% estate-wide to its goal of under 2%. That would translate to $100,000 per month of overtime reduction, with more than $1,000,000 estate-wide savings. The main culprits causing those problems were timing and visibility issues. The portfolio’s actualized labor was being posted well after the fact when it was simply too late to catch employees hitting lots of overtime in a week.

The Solution

Hotel Effectiveness' PerfectLabor

Remington partnered with Hotel Effectiveness - using PerfectLabor - to add visibility for leadership to manage labor costs, which then positively impacted the overall GOP of its hotels. As the 5,000+ hotels that use Hotel Effectiveness know, our advanced suite of products drops hotel’s total overtime to 2% or below — exactly what Remington needed.

PerfectLabor—an innovative labor management solution— enabled Remington’s hotel managers to optimize their staffing decisions using a variety of tools, allowing them to effortlessly view future schedules and track overtime before it happens, while boosting profitability.

3 ways Hotel Effectiveness helped Remington reign in overtime and maximize team profitability:
Scheduling & Labor Management-icon

Perfect Schedules to Match Demand


Junk Overtime Resoluion


Productivity Tracking & Reporting


The Results

Reduced overtime, big savings

After just a few months of the pilot properties using PerfectLabor, Remington had shown reductions in overtime for those hotels, resulting in the remainder of the portfolio activating PerfectLabor, and Hotel Effectiveness being chosen as the partner to help Remington bring estate-wide overtime below 2%.

After all, “timing for when labor is available is critical—especially now, we have to ask ourselves what we can do to ensure we are correcting shortfalls every day,” notes Homan Cull, Remington Hotels’ Vice President, Feasibility & Financial Planning. “PerfectLabor gives us immediate information, and without it, you’d be relying on people to calculate out labor, complete timecards, and do manual efforts. Those days are over.”

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