Case Study

How Wymara Elevated the Guest Experience and Enhanced Staff Performance

at Wymara Resort and Villas,
Grace Bay Beach, Turks & Caicos
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As a Forbes-accredited hotel and a Leading Hotel of the World, Wymara is always pushing the envelope. When guests arrive, the most important goal is to give them a pleasurable experience, regardless of who they interact with. For the team, they need a functional, proactive solution to aid in performing effectively, efficiently, and consistently. Here's how Wymara used the ALICE solution to ensure seamless experiences for guests and staff alike.

The Challenge

Delivering the Luxury Experience  

Wymara needed a robust, flexible Guest Services solution to support the expectations of the luxury guest.

> Rise in costs and ADR led to a rise in guest
expectations. With accommodations that exceed $7,000/per night and continue to increase, customers expect services to be perfect.

> Needed an easy-to-use, transferrable solution for employees. Staff needed an intuitive application tailored to the demands of their role.


If you want to become a
5-star hotel, you need to give your staff a 5-star tool to do their job.”

Brendan O'Neill
Director of Resort & Villa Operations, Wymara
ALICE Platform Product Dashboard

The Solution

All-in-one Platform: Guest Services, Service Delivery, and Guest Messaging

Brendan championed the implementation of ALICE to accommodate staff needs and customer expectations without much difference in cost. The process was easy and making updates within the platform has been painless.

> Visibility into the needs of both staff and guests
> Streamlined data to assist tracking guest requests
> User-friendly experience in display and design
> Quick onboarding by being easy to learn & make updates
> Seamless communication with every team member


When partnering with a company like ALICE, you enhance the experience of the guest and continue to build on that. As you continue to raise the rates, there's no excuse not to.”

Brendan O'Neill
Director of Resort & Villa Operations, Wymara
Ticket List - Room Details-guest-services-concierge

The Results:

Elevated, Consistent Guest Experience

> requests are fulfilled in a timely fashion
> branded itineraries tool

Easy interface increased staff adoption
> easy to navigate on desktop & mobile
> transferable across multiple properties
> simple display and dropdown menus
> recorded Zoom sessions provide a future
resource for new & veteran staff

What's next?

Expanding the tool set with Actabl

Wymara recently implemented recently implemented ALICE Housekeeping and will be adding Transcendent soon to better:
> track employee performance,
> assist with annual reviews,
> help reward stand out performers,
> track metrics like turnaround on cleaning rooms, DND sign frequency, solving guest complaints, etc.

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