Case Study

How Noble House Hotels' Automated Messaging Increases Guest Satisfaction

At the River Terrace Inn,
A Noble House Hotels & Resorts Property


The pandemic increased guest needs for a solution they already wanted -- the ability to checkout from the conveniece of their phones. Additionally, staff needed an effective, streamlined way to consistently communicate, especially in turbulent time. Here's how Noble House Hotels used ALICE Guest Messaging to exceed customer and staff expectations.


The Challenge

Changing Expectations

Today's guests expect clear, consistent, real-time communication. That’s especially true in times of uncertainty, such as a pandemic or natural disaster. Noble House used ALICE Guest Messaging to build a dynamic automated communications workflow that adapted to each touchpoint, reduced staff workload, and delivered on guest expectations.


Things are ever-changing - the traditional confirmation letter is not working anymore. The guest needs to be communicated with dynamically. We need the pre-arrival text; we need the automated arrival message; we need to communicate at check-in. We need to set the expectation ahead of time.

Steven Marais
Corporate Rooms Director,
Noble House Hotels & Resorts
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The Solution

ALICE Simplifies Guest Messaging and Experience

The pandemic accelerated the need for a solution that guests already wanted: the ability to skip the front desk and checkout from their phones. In response, Noble House utilized ALICE’s customizable Guest Messaging capabilities to promote a more convenient, touch-free checkout experience.

New communications needs from guests also accelerated a need for Noble House staff. To further improve guest experience, and decrease the burden on staff, Noble utilizes ALICE’s Automated Messaging segmentation capabilities and templates when occupancy surpasses 80%.

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3 ways ALICE have helped Noble House Hotels

Optimize Communication

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Task Tracking


Decrease Burden on Staff

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It’s been a game-changer to be able to change automated messages on the fly. We’ll send an automated message, Tomorrow's a very busy checkout day. If you want to skip the desk and participate in contactless checkout, send us your email when you're ready. Nobody wants to go to a crowded front desk.

Steven Marais
Corporate Rooms Director,
Noble House Hotels & Resorts

The Results

ALICE Automated Messaging Drive Value for Guests. 80% of guests choose contactless checkout when offered. The results reveal how much guests value convenience – and how effectively Automated Communications increase guest satisfaction and reduce workloads.