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How Atrium Hospitality Streamlined Data with ProfitSword

Atrium Hospitality,
Alpharetta, GA
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Founded in 2015 and based in Alpharetta, Georgia, Atrium Hospitality was experiencing extremely rapid business growth, overseeing more than 80 properties under world-renowned brands such as Marriott, Hilton and Intercontinental. With this, they knew they needed to streamline their data management practices. Here's how ProfitSword helped Atrium achieve this goal.

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The Challenge

Rapid Growth Calls for Rapid Solution

While the company’s widespread growth within such a short time frame was a highly impressive feat, Atrium Hospitality recognized a need to update its data management practices in order to sustain its success for the long term. As Atrium continued to add even more properties to its portfolio, it had become apparent that its operations had grown too complex for the business intelligence strategy that was in place at the time.


Relying on manual efforts to gather data and also using several disparate systems to manage information, Atrium personnel recognized that current practices used to carry out tasks such as budget and performance forecasting were not operating under a sustainable model. These cumbersome processes were not only very time-consuming, but also increased the chances of human error, along with the potential for a negative impact on business


The Solution

Building on the ProfitSword solution

Atrium opted to effectively sustain and build on the growth it had achieved partnering with ProfitSword, a leader in BI solutions for the hospitality industry.

With the deployment of ProfitSage, ProfitPlan, ProfitPace, and ProfitWizard, Atrium Hospitality could implement a fully automated data integration, budgeting and forecasting process that could keep pace with the company’s increasing complexity and expanding operations.

From start to finish, this means that Atrium properties can rely on a process that, while requiring minimal human intervention, can always be trusted to:

  • Deliver accurate and real time data on hotel performance and future business projections.
  • Ensure that hotel staff are able to make intelligence-based decisions in a timely manner; using real-time data while it is still relevant to any given situation.
Budget Comparison in Forecasting and Budgeting Software
Report Options in Commentary Reporting Software

The Results

Equipped to sustain impressive growth

By leveraging ProfitSword’s powerful software suite and ability to integrate with virtually any system, Atrium is well positioned to continue its impressive growth. As Atrium Hospitality continues to see its market share grow, the ready availability of ProfitSword’s platforms provides the company with the ability to instantly replicate its processes and ensure that any addition to the company portfolio is part of a successful incremental growth strategy.

Atrium properties now have the ability to empower themselves with the precise tools necessary to make educated decisions on operational strategies, thus safeguarding business growth and sustainability for both the near and long-term future.

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