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Celebrating Our Q2 Acty Winners

At Actabl, we're all about celebrating the extraordinary! Each quarter, our team comes together to nominate and honor our colleagues through the Acty Awards program. The Acty’s is our way of shining a light on those stellar individuals who embody Actabl’s values and fundamental behaviors while going above and beyond to support our teams and our customers. Please join us in celebrating our recent winners!


Flexibl Acty: Nathan Wright

"Nathan is the ultimate team player. His knowledge of Hotel Effectiveness and ProfitSword has helped customers become raving, loyal fans of Actabl."

Buildabl Acty: Stanislav Kvitash

"Stanislav consistently demonstrates an exceptional level of dedication and proficiency. He goes above and beyond in supporting not only his immediate team members but also extends his expertise and assistance to other teams within Actabl."

Admirabl Acty: Anna Mason

"Anna has jumped in to help make our team feel whole. She is always open and willing to help and goes above and beyond to ensure the team feels supported!"

Growabl Acty: Sean Finley

"Sean has a consistent record of contributing to and impacting the growth of Actabl while finding time to support the Product and CX teams with whatever is needed."

Hospitabl Acty: Jordan Godby

"Jordan takes full responsibility for ensuring account-level and hotel-level satisfaction by communicating any challenges and coordinating successful outcomes. He reaches out regularly to his accounts to solicit feedback and check in to ensure they are becoming raving fans of Actabl."

Rookie Acty: Rachel Griffiths

"Rachel is so organized, knowledgeable, flexible, and professional. She has been here less than a year but has an amazing depth of knowledge of all events – you would think she has been here for years!"

Rookie Acty: Cindy Bonggat

"Cindy started a few months ago and has completely taken over the AR department for Actabl. She has drastically improved our customer and internal team response time and created amazingly detailed processes for the accounting department. Cindy is a superwoman."

Actabl Acty: Zach Neff

"Zach is a true asset to our team, wearing many hats, both literally and figuratively. His wealth of knowledge and innovative solutions, developed during his tenure at ProfitSword, make his input invaluable across a wide range of areas and projects."

Each quarter, when we celebrate the Actys, we’re reminded of the incredible dedication and passion that fuels Actabl. These outstanding individuals truly embody our values and consistently go above and beyond.

To our winners, your hard work, innovation, and steadfast commitment have not only driven our team’s success but also made a meaningful impact on our customers. We are incredibly proud to have you as part of the Actabl team. Together, we can achieve remarkable things and continue to empower the people who power hospitality!

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